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  6. Despite knee surgery & age, cheery Carmelo eyes long career - and with #Knicks http://t.co/z8vO3uqxUw

  7. Since Joe Walsh was forced to sit through a half dozen Knick games last season the least Jim Dolan can do is support Joe's benefit concert.

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  15. Bryant said he actually kind of hates setting up and initiating offense, but that Phil Jackson "made him" do it in the past.

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  29. Carmelo Anthony, 31, sees no reason why he can't play at an elite level for the rest of his #Knicks contract (4 years). "Without a doubt."

  30. Derek Fisher was asked if Sasha Vujacic seems like the same player he was as a Laker, when he teamed with Fisher. "No, hes better," he said.

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  33. That's a wrap from @westpoint_usma for #KnicksCamp15! The 1st preseason game is just around the corner...

  34. Fisher said Porzingis is being considered for a starting role but nothing's determined yet. Still has to earn the trust of the coaches.

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  37. Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis has no doubt he can play in the NBA: "I feel I belong."

  38. Porzingis: "I was waiting for this day to get back on the court. You see a smile on my face.''

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  41. That's a wrap from @WestPoint_USMA for #KnicksCamp15! The 1st preseason game is just around the corner... https://t.co/sf4g7bMwPE

  42. Breaking camp, Carmelo said was "good test to get through 2-a-days.'' Didn't take a session off. Said he still has to do rehab exercises.

  43. Carmelo on Phil Jackson: "For him to start this process with me being the centerpiece, I respect that and I don't want to let him down"

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  45. #Knicks' rookie Kristaps Porzingis after his training camp: "I feel confident that I'll be able to play at this level.... I feel I belong."

  46. Arron Afflalo says he plans to return for Knicks' next practice Monday.

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  48. Porzingis Has Studied Usain Bolt's Running Style

  49. Video of Vujacic and Antetokounmpo shooting after the scrimmage. Also, that was Grant, not Thanasis, in 1st video. http://t.co/yS2fMGld5k

  50. Knicks' Derrick Fisher was doing pushups with some of the players after the scrimmage. He can probably beat all of you in a pushup contest.