1. Tony Parker ranked 53rd in SI's top 100 list, Manu Ginobili, David West snubbed http://t.co/5pYZWppAcw via @poundingtherock

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  21. Selfie time in front of the mural. The artist himself joined @SpursCoyote today, stay tuned for video! http://t.co/tEqQFkLTu4

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  25. Just watched John Harbaugh's classless halftime interview. You know it's bad when Gregg Popovich thinks you crossed the line.

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  28. Porzingis PF Commitment Scared Off Aldridge from Knicks

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  34. Tony Parker ranked 53rd in SI's top 100 list, Manu Ginobili, David West snubbed http://t.co/JwmH6SlIRu via @poundingtherock

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  36. The Thunder will open the season at home against the new-look San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, Oct. 28, The Oklahoman has learned

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  40. Pat Riley joined the Heat 20 years ago today. Wins in that span, including playoffs: 1. Spurs 1241 2. Lakers 1117 3. Heat 1031

  41. Yesterday Spurs draftee Nemanja Dangubic was cut from the Serbian National team roster for Eurobasket. -> https://t.co/MK239GPKpS

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