1. More highlights! https://t.co/VnPNsvjdrz

  2. DeAndre Tied Wilt for Most Missed FTs

  3. Paul's Injury Sours Mood for 3rd Straight Win

  4. CP3 Exits with Ribs Injury vs. Blazers

  5. Both Teams' Star Guards Exit as Clips Top Blazers 102-87

  6. Player of the Game honors for DJ, but who made top tweets of the night?  #ThePostUp » https://t.co/Hifxy1IKMj https://t.co/AAFhB8Zg3U

  7. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan missed 22 free throws vs. Blazers (12-34). Last player to miss that many in a game: Wilt Chamberlain in 1967 (8-30)

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  9. Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan tied NBA record with 22 missed free throws Monday https://t.co/buMW6rHR3u

  10. Julius Hodge played the long con, trolled Chris Paul 10 years after receiving groin punch. https://t.co/Q444Yr2RfS https://t.co/4NQNd48bW3

  11. One Person Is Happy That Chris Paul Is Hurt

  12. The Truth: Paul Pierce Is Washed

  13. Griffin Helps Clips Top T-Wolves for 11th Straight Time

  14. DeAndre Jordan tied Wilt Chamberlain last night for most missed free throws in a game in NBA history (22). Clippers still won by 15.

  15. Blake Griffin's complete game was on display once again. He recorded 23 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists last night. https://t.co/VYD2eL11CT

  16. DeAndre Jordan misses 22 free throws vs. Portland, ties NBA record. https://t.co/UcQ9OU8uyC https://t.co/JwFcidjCpm

  17. Woike: Clippers Work Plan B to Perfection in Victory

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  19. Clips Turn to Mbah a Moute as Small Forward Starter

  20. VIDEO: Watch DeAndre Jordan miss 22 free throws in one game https://t.co/XxfFmfJ47G

  21. On Rajon Rondo's #Mavs exit, the Karl-Cousins relationship, Kobe, a #Clippers move, more: https://t.co/dA9TAij8h8 https://t.co/Cz7IWJWopl

  22. Griffin Welcomes Rookie Bjelica to the NBA

  23. Pelicans Lose Davis to Injury in 111-90 Loss to Clippers

  24. Clippers’ Chris Paul exits game with “rib muscle strain” may miss time https://t.co/D7xp8yNcVL

  25. Clippers Put It All Together for 111-90 Win Over Pelicans

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  28. Clippers Get Much-Needed Win Against New Orleans

  29. The @LAClippers​ move the ball & find @deandrejordan6​ for the SLAM to lead Monday's Top 10 Plays! https://t.co/XIQxbvck79

  30. DeAndre Jordan tied an NBA record with 22 missed free throws last night vs. the Blazers. https://t.co/LKV5hSJibW https://t.co/FmJMFmc1Ma

  31. Paul on Struggles: 'We Have Never Been Like This'

  32. Blake: Clips Have to Be More Resilient

  33. Two beautiful dishes served up for @deandrejordan6 to slam down

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  35. Jazz Beat Clippers 102-91 to Snap 13-Game Skid Against LA

  36. DeAndre Jordan On Mark Cuban -- If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say ... https://t.co/dPBgYrQn7p

  37. Clippers Lose for 8th Time in Last 11 Games

  38. Clippers Take It on the Chin in Loss to Jazz

  39. SMASH! It's the TOP TIER ® Dunk of the Game presented by @arco: https://t.co/XX6GcAtNzC https://t.co/eDMlimJbZe

  40. CP3 Crosses & Collapses the Stifle Tower

  41. Blake Shows Off the Handles vs. Jazz

  42. Rough night for some NBA free throwers. DeAndre Jordan (12-34) and Andre Drummond (4-18) make Rajon Rondo's 7-14 look awesome,

  43. KG Once Forced Doc to Cancel Practice by Acting Like KG

  44. Johnson Shows He Adds Up in LAC's Starting Equation

  45. Last Call: #Clippers win 3rd in a row in a DeAndre Hack-a-Thon (feat. @AaronSmarter & @dingyu) #PORvsLAC https://t.co/LimjBKvUWc

  46. Clippers Take Down Nuggets in Denver

  47. The latest update on Chris Paul's injured rib: https://t.co/WeUzcMWZC3 https://t.co/ekdUT73k0y

  48. Redick for three! J.J. knocked down four triples during last night's win at STAPLES Center.  https://t.co/1vUtW8HcwI

  49. Fun Returns in Denver as Clips Return to .500

  50. Full Highlights from Clippers vs. Nuggets

  51. On the same night DeAndre Jordan tied a NBA record for most free-throw misses, he tied his career-high for free-throw makes in a game.

  52. ICYMI: Chris Paul left tonight's game with an injury to his rib. Details: https://t.co/nBszzUabNl https://t.co/oEtSf2UQNq

  53. Blake Griffin Finishes an Alley-Oop the Hard Way

  54. Johnson Provides Spark for Clips as Starter

  55. Thanks for coming out tonight #ClipperNation -- and thanks to those who serve! #MilitaryMonday  https://t.co/DWq4XhHlDK

  56. Clippers lose Chris Paul in 102-87 victory over Trail Blazers https://t.co/3YnhBbI1zM

  57. DeAndre Jordan Erases Gary Harris' Drive

  58. 5 Teams That Need to Sound the Early-Season Alarm

  59. The @clippersspirit is in the holiday spirit! They're taking photos with season ticket-holders and of course Santa! 

  60. Portland took the fouling gimmick to the extreme, forcing DeAndre Jordan to shoot a Clippers franchise record 34... https://t.co/Khpm0KHRWQ

  61. Crawford Nails the Half Court Heave

  62. Breaking Down Each Team's Early-Season Trade Bait

  63. CSN Highlights: #Blazers fall short vs. #Clippers https://t.co/hiA9YxWME1 #RipCity https://t.co/ecMnUfngfW

  64. Clippers lose Chris Paul - and they're not sure for how long - in win over Portland https://t.co/bNHXQ0CWm2