1. Wall repeated today that focus remains getting in shape for their new style. It's been like that since camp started: http://t.co/1IjPEOjPq2

  2. Caron Butler: Gilbert Arenas' Gun Dispute Over $1,100

  3. Wiz's New Offense Looks Good in Preseason Debut

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  5. This is peak #WizardsTwitter https://t.co/WImphUc3Sr

  6. Webster and Anderson didn’t practice again today. Webster said he has arthritis in his right hip.

  7. Road Map to '16 NBA Finals for All Teams

  8. Who will be the Wizards' most dependable player off the bench this season? @AJenks24 says it will be Gary Neal. http://t.co/wKYxe04oXu

  9. NOW: #Wizards Review/Preview of Ramon Sessions, by @JohnCTownsend: http://t.co/ixvB6Ne1wc http://t.co/GqJOfRVHD2

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  12. Wall Learning to Lead by Example

  13. To understand how Caron diffused the GunGate situation, you need to understand his childhood. http://t.co/TqZnxgzwpO http://t.co/qWgVb95UfW

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  18. ICYMI: #Wizards Player Review/Preview of @KrisHumphries by @BFrantz202: http://t.co/Cqo9YW244N http://t.co/2PFGazOcbo

  19. Wizards won 46 games while shooting as many long 2s as the Timberwolves, Knicks, Lakers. If that changes, the offense is going to be better.

  20. 'Gazelle' Gortat Looking Forward to More Small Ball

  21. Marcin Gortat on Adapting to a Changing NBA Game

  22. In the second part of our season preview, we examine how rotations will shake out this year. http://t.co/kn0F8I0wos http://t.co/hYoY8jifnX

  23. Come watch the #Wizards at a FREE open practice on Oct 12 at Verizon Center (12pm)! RSVP: http://t.co/amXspK0fpj http://t.co/p0SOblECIQ

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  25. Dudley Says He'll Be Ready for Full-contact Practice on Oct. 13

  26. The Wizards' new read-and-react system finds beauty in simplicity. http://t.co/JOoFxdwzE1 http://t.co/lYgA5v08tZ

  27. The #Wizards Debut of "Blogger Ball" >> via @adammcginnis: http://t.co/aAIkxVOP1q http://t.co/htNPV4qgnp

  28. John Wall Talks MVP Goal, Pitching Kevin Durant

  29. Wizards to Wear Baltimore Pride Jerseys this Season

  30. Kris Humphries is cool with shooting threes in his new role. All the running is the tough part: http://t.co/aT4DPedbch #Wizards

  31. MORNING TIP: For Bradley Beal, it's all about fixing small glitches: http://t.co/V9CQC0yz3B #WizardsTalk http://t.co/ixIHF2STPd

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  34. Rodriguez should've Bronco Bustered those coolers.

  35. Sean Rodriguez out there looking like X-Pac.

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  38. Installing their new offense, the #Wizards heed the need for speed while trying to maintain their defensive prowess: http://t.co/HSE3TXm1Zy

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  42. Visit the #Wizards Team Store, purchase any discounted #4 @mgortat13 item and he will sign it for you following Friday night's #WizKnicks game!

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  44. Pierce Doesn't Want His Teammates Wearing LeBron's Shoes

  45. Caron Butler recalled the infamous Wizards locker room gun incident in his memoir http://t.co/PMIlH5kV96 http://t.co/D9nr6npGZ7