1. The Wizards' season begins in 57 days. http://t.co/pi9vZMGJnM

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  9. Nene can still help the Wizards' offense next season. http://t.co/89M0el3wcw http://t.co/y3f8qSnnV6

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  13. Georgetown & Syracuse announced their 4-game series starting 12/5 at Verizon Center. Carrier Dome 16-17 & 18-19 and Verizon Center in 17-18

  14. How do you feel about @ESPNNBA ranking us 4th in the East? https://t.co/s9D5bPiSFZ

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  17. Wall: I 'Probably Won't Make' Final Team USA Squad

  18. If healthy, slotting Heat third behind Cavs and Bulls seems fair. But Wizards and Hawks won't be easily passed. https://t.co/y42g2oacZU

  19. Hip-hop mogul hosting @JohnWall's 25th birthday party in L.A. http://t.co/Gvn3Mavww8 #WizardsTalk http://t.co/UKAykjPCaB

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  23. 58 days. Just in case you're wondering.

  24. Great FanPost here breaking down Bradley Beal's performance in the Team USA exhibition. http://t.co/0G2jSWsEBD http://t.co/REgz1jUqRg

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  27. The Mystics split two games over the weekend, continue long road trip this week http://t.co/TuHO4RcW1v http://t.co/M7qnFWFV9Y

  28. Let's help get Marcin over 100k!  https://t.co/84vAXmb2K9

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  31. Let's get @MGortat to 100K followers! https://t.co/84vAXmb2K9

  32. when you remember you said fans should vote for kyle lowry instead of john wall http://t.co/66XVIGqkeH

  33. Grantland: the NBA's Next Big-Money Community

  34. Report: Rookies Winslow, Oubre Sign with Adidas

  35. Only 58 days until Wizards season starts and they definitely become the top story in town. Right? right?

  36. The @WashMystics' losing streak to the @seattlestorm on the road now spans a decade :( https://t.co/BDb97Ag2HA

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  38. The Rookie Extension Impact for 2016

  39. Clarification: Mystics play at 9 p.m. ET, which is 6 p.m. in Seattle, where @aleeinthedmv has a shop named after him https://t.co/ugupTeSYYW

  40. That streak will be broken tonight! MT @seattlestorm: Mystics haven't won in SEA since 05. Tune in @NBATV at 6pm! http://t.co/rqT7vUYcHp

  41. Back Surgery Doesn't Change Dudley's Worth

  42. Report: Nene Likely to Be with Wiz at Start of Year

  43. Some good news: Wizards season starts in 59 days! Also: No NBA player has worn the number 59. http://t.co/U3JIbz7nHG http://t.co/6CNj9ErQNH

  44. Is @KDTrey5 being consulted on who should start at QB for Washington? We hope so

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  46. Report: Wiz, Beal Still Discussing Extension

  47. ICYMI: Wall receives his highest player rating ever in NBA2K http://t.co/UWPoFn7XgJ #WizardsTalk http://t.co/EJn4zObRTV

  48. NBA doesn't dare crossover Wall in latest 'best of' highlights http://t.co/UOAFOA41nP #WizardsTalk http://t.co/kBRs8BoL62