1. Birthday celebration for Mom today!!! But no Twitter handle.. Working on it!! She can't wait for the #cavs to start http://t.co/V38Ke4s6M1

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  6. What in the hell https://t.co/URmk8VGbfF

  7. You know who else is? LeBron James. https://t.co/vW15kzvFrG

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  11. Updated @BBallInsiders Cleveland Cavaliers with J.R. Smith's verified partially-guaranteed salary http://t.co/M41oVpwDdT

  12. J.R. Smith is officially back with the @Cavs- http://t.co/55048ZYMJl http://t.co/fRnJT2erQ2

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  16. #Cavs begin their Preseason Tour of Ohio on October 7th..ticket information here http://t.co/wdoTRCbk2G #CavsRadio https://t.co/Dpv65MWi5k

  17. Attention Buckeye State: tickets go on sale one week from today to see the Wine & Gold in Cincy & Columbus! Visit cavs.com for more #AllForOhio details.

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  21. Credit to @HPbasketball for having a correct answer while young Harper and Herbert struggled through incorrectness. https://t.co/djXQDqdLvE

  22. Makes sense. Means that his salary for next season doesn't guarantee until same date. https://t.co/LQsRdyvNMR

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  26. Hey Buckeye State! Tickets are on sale one week from today in Cincy & Columbus: http://t.co/OzTQttwQwS #AllForOhio http://t.co/btgnRUbY8J

  27. #EOBPod is up! Deflategate, Cavs’ offseason, where the Suns place in the West, Deflategate, Team Canada and more: http://t.co/vR40wUF1up

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  31. Whose dunk do you prefer: the #ShumpSlam or the #LBJAlleyOop? VOTE by using the hashtag in the comments below! Watch the high-flying action on Cavs.com. #CavsTop5

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  34. Feeling the #ShumpSlam or the #LBJAlleyOop? Tweet a FINAL VOTE by using the hashtag! WATCH: http://t.co/znJqF4h7Fi http://t.co/sWsYMu3ZOv

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  38. From @ppalladino21: Dunk History: LeBron James rises up and Damon Jones gets ‘banged on’ http://t.co/upsKqeKb3g http://t.co/vhzDGaLD5P

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  42. It's back.. ..our Predict & Win Contest to thank our loyal followers w a chance to win #Cavs tix next to our radio booth.. ..details tmrw!

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  46. Cavs team shop selling LeBrons, apparently. https://t.co/rjRnz6EJsP

  47. The "SVSM" LeBron 12 getting the rare mid-week release http://t.co/06sc7LVIld http://t.co/6uUGGeG0Ws

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  50. The Nike LeBron 12 Low just released in a brand new colorway. Cop 'em here: http://t.co/HTZ5tW4ZS0 http://t.co/g79Dx1pElS

  51. Medina reminds residents not feed deer as animals rattle city — The Medina County Gazette http://t.co/B553KVXEGK via @medinagazette