LFL Announcers Mock Referee, Invoke the Great Ed Hochuli

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A couple of Lingerie Football League announcers took time out of their busy schedules to call out a referee for not being Ed Hochuli

Meanwhile, they are no Pat Summerall

A tip of the hat to Off the Bench for spotting a LFL video that doesn't revolve around women in scantily-clad clothing. 

Not that it would be a bad thing, but it's like finding someone who actually uses a Zune player, a modern-day miracle. 

The announcers are completely annoyed that one of the referees would have the nerve to announce a penalty away from the camera. 

Make sure you show them your face when you call that lady with the bras and panties for an infraction. There is some measure of sophistication in this league, buddy. 

One of them delivers a, "He’s no Ed Hochuli, Mike.” That's when his the Barney Rubble to his Fred Flintstone agrees, “He definitely doesn’t have Ed Hochuli’s physique."

Um, nobody had Hochuli's physique. Greek gods blush when that man walks in the room, fellas. 

I have no clue what the chubby ref did to make these announcers so salty towards him, but it must have been pretty bad. 

Maybe LFL announcers have ridiculously high standards. That must be it. 

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