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  12. Broncos like their tight ends, and Patriots Chung has been part of the answer to opposing TE's this season. https://t.co/uKIJCYbaw3

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  23. Young woman at DIA just asked me if I play for the #Broncos. Is there a better possible compliment?

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  38. "Peyton Manning really wants his starting job back" is the early unnecessary storyline for Week 12. Of course he does.

  39. Trainers recommendations & standing in the cold in a walking cast are the reasons Peyton Manning wouldn't be on the sideline. Makes sense

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  46. 9news' Belen De Leon's forecast: Broncos-Pats tonight will be a snow game. And cold. 21 degrees at kickoff. #9news #9sports

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  61. The latest on Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Case Keenum and much more ahead at the top of the hour on THE NFL TODAY on CBS

  62. Colts have only 14 sacks on the season. That's 3rd worst in all of football. Broncos have 34 total sacks and lead NFL.

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