1. Buzz: Teammates Back Osweiler, 'Can Make Throws Manning Can't'

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  4. Osweiler Praises Peyton's 'Fantastic' Halftime Adjustments

  5. Gary Kubiak concerned with hits #Broncos' Brock Osweiler is taking https://t.co/jk0ej3SKM7 by @CameronWolfe https://t.co/g5l1pid92n

  6. Osweiler gets first comeback win, Broncos beat Pats 30-24 https://t.co/bWVmCjPJ6m

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  9. Kubiak's System, Brock's Strides Make Manning Done in DEN

  10. #Broncos' T.J. Ward, Sly Williams expected to miss a week, maybe more https://t.co/Lf3pt94SoT by @TroyRenck https://t.co/27GGcryEKn

  11. Kubiak- The big question now is if Peyton gets the cast off early or late this week. #9News https://t.co/cziVJ02CGD

  12. #Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak says balancing Brock and Peyton is just about listening. Manning progress is good. https://t.co/jlyiaWrOnI

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  14. Broncos Troll Brady's Facebook Photo After Comeback Win

  15. Anderson Staying Humble After Playing SNF Hero

  16. biggest question regarding Peyton Manning this week will be when will the cast come off. Either early or later in the week.

  17. Kubiak said the biggest question for Peyton Manning is whether the cast comes off early this week or later in the week.

  18. Kubiak said Manning's "progress has been good." Question for this week is when cast comes off -- early or late this week.

  19. Osweiler Audibled into Game-Winning Run

  20. Biggest Takeaways from Denver's Week 12 Win

  21. Broncos Set Record...for Most False Mustaches Worn

  22. Kubiak said T.J. Ward and Sly Williams both have ankle injuries, not the same. Considering them day to day, but "will need some work"

  23. Coach Kubiak LIVE day-after reaction now on @BroncosTV : https://t.co/fzlJfSxEh8  : https://t.co/8AdeSVfMUB https://t.co/94pGGq2J9M

  24. Broncos RBs had 15 carries for 43 yards (2.9 yards per carry) before Hightower went down and 15 carries for 132 yards (8.8) and 3 TDs after.

  25. Broncos Firmly Back in SB Contention

  26. Broncos Show Big-Game Grit, Overcome Mistakes

  27. Watch: Anderson's Walk-Off TD to Beat Pats

  28. Brings a tear to my eye. https://t.co/Z0xFWDwWPk

  29. #NEvsDEN wins primetime with overnight ratings on "Sunday Night Football" https://t.co/IjELg7Cr3n by @NickiJhabvala

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  32. From the South Stands: "Oh, what a win!" Only on https://t.co/UTVgmfOvl1 https://t.co/7hGNSYhmyA

  33. I credited him with the PBU because of the hit on the Broncos' last failed third down of the fourth quarter. https://t.co/H5O5J8L03l

  34. Ward (Ankle) in Walking Boot, Will Have MRI Mon.

  35. Peyton Watches Win from Locker Area

  36. At this rate, Brock Osweiler will be 7-4 by the time he starts Super Bowl 50.

  37. DT on his night. "I didn't want to watch the film if we lost. I was happy I could finally make a play to help out"

  38. Brock Osweiler Authors Broncos Comeback

  39. Per @mortreport, Peyton Manning not expected to be healthy “anytime soon.” Maybe a month from a real Manning-Osweiler decision.

  40. Broncos win Facebook trolling war with Tom Brady, plus Gronk injury update--https://t.co/XtI2IJghGW https://t.co/p2RDyseU1l

  41. Brady on Hit on Gronk: 'Don't Think It's Dirty'

  42. Report: Gronk (Knee) Week-to-Week, MRI Shows No Tear

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  46. Me too https://t.co/MOpfFKRfyM

  47. My voice is hoarse. I left it at Mile High. https://t.co/SBPEgFs531

  48. Proud of our team win tonight, and thanks to our GREAT fans for sticking with us!!!!

  49. DT Williams to Undergo MRI on Ankle

  50. #BrockTalks about that fourth-quarter comeback https://t.co/IkZTi4LusB https://t.co/EqNYz5ztFg

  51. amazing stat of the morning: #Broncos opponents are now 0-28 this year on 3rd-and-11 or longer situations in 2015.

  52. Watch: Osweiler Tosses TD Fade for Lead

  53. Watch: Anderson Bounces It Outside for 15-Yd TD

  54. Hold your horses on Brock Osweiler over Peyton Manning for Broncos https://t.co/kwMZr6Nmq6 https://t.co/t3tYFh8SZt

  55. Demaryius Thomas climbs #Broncos’ all-time list on night of struggles https://t.co/8wxpXeXOyd by @NickiJhabvala https://t.co/XA9VH0laze

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  57. Louis Vasquez (Groin) Forced Out of Action vs. Pats

  58. Denver Broncos: Brock Osweiler showing poise as starting QB https://t.co/t5n6fXQr7A

  59. #Broncos WATCH: C.J. Anderson Highlights - Broncos running back C.J. Anderson rushed for 113 yards on 15 carrie... https://t.co/d1CNj9g3Ti

  60. Sanders Officially Active for SNF vs. Pats

  61. Broncos inactives. #NEvsDEN pic.twitter.com/8ZDCTYo8pf

  62. Halftime adjustments by #Broncos lead to win over #Patriots https://t.co/ZNTEXnjwBj https://t.co/CUe5kzi1Qs

  63. Updated AFC playoff picture: #colts home vs. Chiefs in WC round. Seeds: 1. Pats, 2. Bengals, 3. Broncos, 4. Colts, 5. Chiefs, 6. Texans

  64. Osweiler: Manning Has Been 'Huge Help" This Week

  65. Ware May Miss Next Three Games

  66. Here's how we #BeatThePatriots https://t.co/tozvrkAUFc https://t.co/rZsQ8PTDkf

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  69. This Is How Brady Gets Ready for the Broncos

  70. Since 2001 the 2 Qbs to overcome 4th quarter deficit of 14 or more vs Pats when Brady plays whole game? Peyton Manning & Brock Osweiler

  71. You soon might be able to buy piece of Vernon Davis, EJ Manuel, Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Sanu & others on NASDAQ thru Fantex.

  72. Sanders, Osweiler Working on Chemistry

  73. @JamesPalmerTV says #Broncos QB Peyton Manning won't be on the sidelines with the cold, etc. Will be in the booth or in the locker room

  74. Inside access to last night's #Broncos' (loud and rowdy!) postgame locker room https://t.co/VwnZgIdVWz https://t.co/6oqwc05LuV

  75. #Broncos expecting to be without T.J. Ward and Sylvester Williams for some time https://t.co/lu2Tr6en5W https://t.co/BcbCYROTvs