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  25. Lee Corso is just 3-9 with his @ChevyTrucks #SaturdaySelections. He's hoping the Cowboys help him turn it around! https://t.co/N6cG9QqK2q

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  28. no such thing as a 'final piece.' dumb sports cliche. Technically, if #cowboys made playoffs, 'FP' = Turbin/Olatoye https://t.co/BIeKkSOQPt

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  32. Look at the Cowboys and Tony Romo or think back to Gronk and his forearm. It's better for the long term when someone is fully healed.

  33. Cassel 93 Yds and TD, Bryant 26 Yds, McFadden 11 Rush Yds

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  43. ?s re #Cowboys cut Hardy - even if NO wish to re-sign = only $578,125 per game x 5 + likely only $500K for sacks. Cap savings minimal.

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