1. Saints have no transactions today

  2. Payton: 'We've Gotta Get Ourselves Back Up Off the Mat'

  3. Texans Win Fourth Straight, Blow Out Saints 24-6

  4. Hangover: Playoff Contenders, Frauds and Who Will Make Noise

  5. Payton: Allen 'Efficient' in Coordinator Debut

  6. Seahawks put Jimmy Graham on IR today

  7. Text from my dad about the #Saints: "I think they are so good in the locker room they should play the games there." Laying the boom!

  8. Drew Brees' streak of games with a touchdown pass ended at 45 on Sunday. #NOvsHOU https://t.co/Mb98IaYRm7

  9. Saints' 155-Game TD Streak Snapped by Texans

  10. Inside Look at How Watt Wreaked Havoc on Saints

  11. Offense Disappears as Lethargic Saints Lose Third Straight

  12. And Delvin Breaux and Brandon Browner, who've been on the field for more than 96% of snaps this year https://t.co/b1SqykTBEE

  13. Snap Counts: Iron men this season -- Watson, Cooks, Strief, Unger, Jordan, Anthony and Vaccaro https://t.co/b1SqykTBEE

  14. Snap Counts: None of the Saints' injury-plagued weak-side linebackers have played more than 25% of snaps this season https://t.co/b1SqykTBEE

  15. NFL Power Rankings Heading into Week 13

  16. Grades, Notes and Quotes for NO After Loss

  17. Swan Song Remains the Same for Floundering Saints

  18. Very confused about what the shop did with my computer for several days. Because it's certainly not fixed. #whinyreporter 

  19. That computer life.  https://t.co/rJQ5wktHv5

  20. Just kidding. The shop I took my computer to had it all weekend and couldn't find a problem. I've had it for five minutes and could. 

  21. Texans Dominate Saints from Start to Finish

  22. Offense Shuts Down, Run Game Disappears vs. HOU

  23. Saints Get Some Stops, but Offense Stalled in 1st Half

  24. New Orleans Saints vexed by 3rd downs, but Sean Payton says problem starts earlier https://t.co/s3NGBK9epZ https://t.co/AtwzI3kZ5e

  25. New Orleans Saints vexed by 3rd downs, but Sean Payton says problem starts earlier https://t.co/98W1RA9YS9

  26. Video Highlights from Saints-Texans

  27. First-Rounder Peat Starts at LG vs. HOU

  28. Computer hasn't worked for weeks. Take it to a repair shop, suddenly it works perfectly for them. 

  29. #Saints Sean Payton: 'We've gotta get ourselves back up off the mat' https://t.co/nCvpeFJrht

  30. Breaux Can Challenge Texans' Hopkins by 'Being Violent'

  31. Saints Have to Believe Even Though Many Don't

  32. #Saints vexed by 3rd downs, but Sean Payton says problem starts earlier https://t.co/BPWRGE3O6h via @nolanews

  33. Delvin Breaux honored teammates chose him to receive Ed Block Courage award https://t.co/xUSBruSPS5 https://t.co/Rv9c06EN2F

  34. Where Will Saints D Rank Once Season Ends?

  35. Saints LB Mauti, Texans Coach O'Brien Share Close PSU Ties

  36. Delvin Breaux honored teammates chose him to receive Ed Block Courage award https://t.co/vBJL4s8VwA via @nolanews

  37. Hmmm. #Saints DE Bobby Richardson turned 23 either today or 10 days ago. We'll get to the bottom of it. https://t.co/tE1eHqW0SV

  38. Injury Report: LBs LB Ellerbe, Hawthorne Ruled Out

  39. Late-Season Schedule Tougher Than It Once Appeared

  40. Carolina returned some tickets for Sunday's game at the @MBSuperdome! Available here: https://t.co/HYOiaY2hru https://t.co/RA2ndoYyiq

  41. Sean Payton's Monday press conference https://t.co/0dFLIrRnuJ #Saints #CARvsNO https://t.co/MHrQGt5xxC

  42. Saints Place CB Lewis on Season-Ending IR

  43. Saints Sign Veteran CB Chris Owens

  44. ICYMI: If #Saints decline continues, questions about Sean Payton and Drew Brees will grow https://t.co/QDqsvbS8gu

  45. #Saints coach Sean Payton after third straight loss, an ugly 24-6 dud at Houston: So now for us, as tough a pill... https://t.co/DAdXX96IKd

  46. Payton on Ryan Firing: Sticking Status Quo Would Be 'Madness'

  47. In NFC South, Saints' Only Path to Playoffs Is Via Wild Card

  48. Usual translation for coach speak: I didn't talk to USC, my agent did. I am no longer in college talks. https://t.co/PpfPhLnqGb

  49. Payton on Dennis Allen's impact: "There were 4 or 5 different things that Dennis implemented" that were new for Sunday's game.

  50. WR Willie Snead Feels 'Amazing' After Bye Week

  51. Brees Confident in Coordinator Change, but 'Everyone Loved Rob Ryan'

  52. Payton on Panthers DB Josh Norman: "there's not a corner having a better season than him" #saints #CARvsNO

  53. #Saints lost 3 in a row last 2 Novembers. "Playoff ramifications get a little more clear and we didn't play as well as we would've liked."

  54. 4 Saints Defensive Questions Leaving the Bye Week

  55. O'Brien: Hoyer (Concussion) to Start vs. Saints

  56. Payton: "Never at any point do you get to 'playing for next year.' That doesn't exist AT ALL. That won't happen. Not one time."

  57. Payton said he called a boneheaded play in the second half. Second and 10, next play is no gain

  58. Report: Saints Sign DE Hunt, Release LB Dunbar

  59. NFL Pushes Saints-Panthers Game to 4:25 P.m. Start

  60. Sean Payton: "I've said this before: This is a good locker room. We've just got to get better at what we're doing" and eliminate mistakes.

  61. With playoffs out of picture, how should New Orleans Saints approach final 5 games? https://t.co/svYc7gGGmt https://t.co/b76fOFnbIS

  62. Saints Desperate for Their Usual Bye-Week Bump

  63. Ryan: Katrina Is Being Blamed on Me

  64. Payton - Texans force a lot of quarterbacks to be off. Rush the passer well. You have to be more precise

  65. Payton said offense hurt defense by putting them on the field too long

  66. Saints Legends Call Out Team Management

  67. Snead's Been a Pleasant Surprise for NO

  68. Payton -- The preparation, want to, desire, all of that is good

  69. #Saints coach Sean Payton said Texans game was "tough film to watch."

  70. Rob Ryan: WSH Turned Bye Week into Bye-Bye Week

  71. Rob Ryan on Saints: "Something had to be done. Right now the defense is ranked 33rd and there are only 32 teams."

  72. Payton's press conference has started. Watch Live: https://t.co/GBImkoS8Hx #Saints

  73. With playoffs out of picture, how should #Saints approach final 5 games? Your thoughts... https://t.co/ENaPqRSixz

  74. Redskin Thanked Saints TE for Helping His Fantasy Team

  75. Armstead Making a Name for Himself Around NFL

  76. Payton will speak with the media shortly. Watch Live: https://t.co/GBImkoS8Hx #Saints