1. No. Not from what we've seen. Lockette consistently ahead of him on depth chart. Good special teamer too. https://t.co/RhvbMb3mmV

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  6. Not yet.And remember, he was really sick. He couldn't have played at the time anyway. https://t.co/q2xsMIIaY8

  7. The Super Bowl performance is really hard to look past. I think that's earned him a spot.Also, good on special teams https://t.co/yJWMAG6DXd

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  11. I think he's got a good chance..Playing well tomorrow will definitely help his cause. Not too late. https://t.co/TNXccEk6XQ

  12. I think he's pretty set on the practice squad, at the least. They could keep 7 WRs. If so, he'd probably makes it. https://t.co/730TUi9jJ1

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  16. 1p.m. Yes, I'll try to do a last one Friday morning. https://t.co/7U5hcpfdLf

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  18. Carroll: No Decision on Fred Jackson Yet

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  20. Not from what we've seen so far. https://t.co/WBuEsRCTsk

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  24. #Seahawks topics of the day: Chancellor, Irvin, Clark, O-line, Nowak, Michael, Norwood: http://t.co/Irz3FVqPgK

  25. He's on the mend. Expected to play tomorrow. Seems to have a roster spot pretty well locked up. https://t.co/f6OKnbQznd

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  28. Smith said he & Ken Norton Jr. "have been under (Pete Carroll's) wing 4 a long time. It's time 2 see if our wings work." #Raiders #Seahawks

  29. Tough decisions loom as the deadline to set the 53-man roster is 3 days away. [http://t.co/BvYysNKpyT]

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  31. Paperwork Filed for 'Marshawn Lynch' to Run for President

  32. Ex-NFL running back Phillips charged with killing cellmate http://t.co/x1yStPa7aT

  33. Tomorrow at CenturyLink Field. Raiders-Seahawks, it's on: http://t.co/SQdf9NlhEL http://t.co/EO7JlNndbp

  34. Marshawn Lynch calls Fred Jackson his big brother. Safe to say @MoneyLynch will welcome this impending #Seahawks signing.

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  36. Sad news from NFL world: Former Seahawks, Panthers and Redskins front office exec Tag Ribary passed away Friday. RIP. http://t.co/dMX21WKvKP

  37. Depends on who you were listening to.Carroll said yesterday it was just a visit, still evaluating options, etc. https://t.co/BVsDc9yLCh

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  40. Seahawks-Raiders: Game time, TV Schedule, radio info, odds, injury reports, more http://t.co/SQupStnPxR http://t.co/744oRSQ3dI

  41. Miller in #Seahawks camp last year. Freaky athlete. https://t.co/eRNiA9nbYb

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  44. No moves by the Seahawks listed on the official NFL transactions report for Wednesday.

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  47. No. No access to the team yet. And that's something they could still wait a little while on. https://t.co/4qiVuLMupQ

  48. Haha. Yep, some starters always play. https://t.co/VAAkkPYDmX