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  10. Biggest Takeaways from Pittsburgh's Week 12 Loss

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  12. Brandon Boykin finally getting a look in Steelers secondary https://t.co/afq6V3dAEW

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  25. Roethlisberger's test results were not back yet when he went on radio and declared himself concussion free. He does have one #Steelers

  26. Grades, Notes from Steelers' Loss to Seahawks

  27. Ron Cook: Don't Count the Steelers Out Just Yet

  28. Big Day vs. Seahawks Proves Wheaton Still Has Value

  29. FWIW i'm told when Big Ben went on radio he did not have full results of all concussion tests yet. But he is in the concussion protocol

  30. #Steelers clarify Roethlisberger is concussed. QB didn't have results back when he spoke this morning on his radio show.

  31. Pass Defense Threatening to Derail Playoff Hopes

  32. Steelers Go from Bad to Worse

  33. A Steelers spokesman just clarified, "100 percent, yes, (Ben Roethlisberger) has a concussion." When Ben spoke,he didn't have results of yet

  34. Ben Roethlisberger doesn't have a concussion, unless he does https://t.co/zOn6NEMQE5

  35. Defense, Coaching Fail Do Their Part in Steelers Loss

  36. When Ben said he thought he "aced" the concussion test today, he did not know the results. The results show he had a concussion.

  37. Mike Tomlin indicates Brandon Boykin time may arrive this week https://t.co/wIAcUNX476. Here's what else that may entail #steelers @pasports

  38. If Landry Jones Is Talking, Something Is Amiss for Steelers

  39. Wilson's 5 TDs Lead Hawks Past Steelers

  40. Richard Sherman vs. Antonio Brown: 3 catches for 24 yards 1 interception Passer rating allowed 0.0 (No flag on his INT a big help)

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  43. AFC Bubble Teams with Best Shot at Making Playoffs

  44. Mike Tomlin indicates Brandon Boykin time may arrive this week https://t.co/hFLQvckd5U. Here's what else that may entail #steelers @pasports

  45. From the A Comma Would Make A Huge Difference file, Ben Roethlisberger says, "I'll play through any injury but brain."

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  52. Ben Roethlisberger to remain under concussion protocol following exit vs. Seahawks https://t.co/FQdUmxilgX @WillGravesAP

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  54. Video: Big Ben Picked Off by DL in Coverage

  55. Heyward, Villanueva, Tuitt, Boswell, Earl all ran routes on Steelers fake FG

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  57. Miller (Ribs) Exits Multiple Times Before Being Ruled Out

  58. Shazier Exits Early with a Concussion

  59. Big Ben says he didn't suffer a concussion https://t.co/xjDS6e215y

  60. Ben Roethlisberger expects to play against the Colts https://t.co/9BxKyyXHZL https://t.co/5k826NRlPn

  61. Watch: Bryant Gets Crushed on End-Around TD

  62. Watch: Steelers Try to Get Cute, Get Picked Off

  63. Tomlin notes that "hopefully it's lesson learned for him" about Joey Porter making his now-infamous "25 snaps" James Harrison comment in May

  64. Harrison, Shazier Active vs. Seahawks

  65. Accidental Secondary Holds PIT's Playoff Hopes

  66. #Steelers Mike Tomlin confirms Brandon Boykin will be considered for playing time this week https://t.co/HSZNecQuej https://t.co/dZoRyKl5Kp

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  69. Wheaton Waiting His Turn to Make Big Impact

  70. RT @missi_matthews: Coach Tomlin said his growth is the reason for starting Bud Dupree on Sunday and he will continue to do moving forward.

  71. Tomlin: Says Jarvis Jones is getting better.

  72. Steelers Cut RB Pead, Add Toussaint to Roster

  73. Brown, Heyward Among Steelers with Most to Gain

  74. Tomlin: No matter what happened, FG or not, late in game Sunday, defense would still be required to stop Seattle.

  75. Tomlin, states again that Ben did sustain a concussion and is in protocol.