Golfer Saves Par with Chip Shot from Roof of Country Club

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 3, 2012

Off the scoreboard, through the rafters, off the board, nothing but net. 

Never play golf with Carlton Forrester, especially if it involves getting balls off the roof of a nearby country club. 

This video (h/t Hot Clicks) features a golfer who was put in a precarious situation and mandated to go and fetch an errant shot. 

Normally, we would consider a ball on a roof as a gift to the golfing gods and take a mulligan. The YouTube description tells us what happened and why Forrester went up a ladder to bring down the house. 

In the final round of the George Arthur Crump Cup, Carlton Forrester found himself with a less-than-favorable lie. He worked around it, hitting a ball off the roof of the golf shop on the fourth hole at Pine Valley Golf Club to five feet and holing the putt for one of the great pars in Pine Valley history.

So basically, this golfer hit a horrible shot and had to suffer humiliation to go hit the ball off the roof. It's a miracle that his shot preceding this one wasn't followed by a horrible shank well off the green. 

Instead, he saves face and par all in one magical shot. 

This now needs to be part of the PGA tour. Imagine golf Horse being played by the best in the game. 

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