1. Looks like @Patriots have changed their Twitter avatar; it is now a picture of Tom Brady, arms in air, celebrating with Lombardi Trophy.

  2. Judge Overturns Brady's 4-Game Suspension

  3. Goodell Confirms Appeal, 'Respectfully Disagrees'

  4. NFL Won't Seek Stay During Appeal; Brady Will Play

  5. Twitter Reacts to Brady's Deflategate Victory

  6. Statement from Patriots owner Robert Kraft: http://t.co/cNrPMmqDGA

  7. Robert Kraft trains his focus on "the lawyers at the league" in today's statement, not Roger Goodell: http://t.co/59bbDguW15

  8. Kraft Doesn't Blame Goodell, Wants to 'Return Focus to the Field'

  9. Deflategate Ruling Further Annihilates Goodell's Legacy

  10. What Brady Decision Means for Pats on the Field

  11. Robert Kraft: ‘Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity’ http://t.co/9zVZglCJZI http://t.co/6cnEB8oj8N

  12. The mammoth ego of the NFL office and its certitude in how smart and powerful it is has undermined it again. And will during appeal.

  13. Report: Brady Won't Play Thursday vs. Giants

  14. NFLPA Statement: Ruling Proves Commish Can't Be Unfair

  15. Judge's Full 40-Page Ruling That Overturned NFL's Ban

  16. Robert Kraft: 'With no evidence of wrongdoing by Tom, lawyers insisted on imposing and defending unwarranted, unprecedented discipline.'

  17. Robert Kraft: 'Judge Richard Berman understood this and we are greatly appreciative of his thoughtful decision that was delivered today'

  18. MMQB: Ruling a Stunning Smackdown for NFL

  19. Score Great Seats for Pats vs. Giants!

  20. #Patriots Bob Kraft takes another poke at #NFL lead counsel Jeff Pash. There is some legit animus between these two. http://t.co/wkoZ9lb5c0

  21. Robert Kraft statement says the NFL's lawyers "insisted on imposing and defending unwarranted and unprecedented discipline."

  22. Timeline of Events in Deflategate Saga

  23. Buzz: Owners Want Disciplinary Process 'Overhaul'

  24. Gronk, NFL World React to Deflategate Ruling

  25. Robert Kraft: Now we can turn our attention back to the field http://t.co/gpAdlkCgXc

  26. Reflects his disappointment/anger in Goodell for allowing lawyers to dictate. https://t.co/g31I1gTEyI

  27. Judge Didn't Buy NFL's Claims Ted Wells Was 'Independent'

  28. NFL Must Blame Themselves for Botching Deflategate

  29. Robert Kraft mentions NFL lawyers, but not Roger Goodell in statement http://t.co/JIRSbnoQH8 via @masslivenews

  30. Robert Kraft: 'We can return our focus to the game on the field' http://t.co/uRSmqgTlZ9

  31. Deflategate Saga Made Everyone Look Stupid

  32. Report: Goodell Has 'Universal' Support from NFL Owners

  33. Robert Kraft's statement referencing "lawyers at league" a direct salvo at general counsel Jeff Pash and Gregg Levy.

  34. It Is What It Is >> Robert Kraft: ‘Greatly appreciative’ of Judge Berman’s decision in Deflategate case http://t.co/sSJCZgBhNU via @WEEI

  35. PFT: Brady Gets a Slam-Dunk Win

  36. Eddie George: Brady a 'Cheater,' Patriots 'Above the Law'

  37. Interesting that Robert Kraft blames the NFL’s lawyers, not Goodell http://t.co/AgFqyNjaqS

  38. Statement from #Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft on today’s decision by Judge Richard Berman: http://t.co/W645dGwFsP

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  40. Safe to Say This Dunkin Was Happy with Judge's Ruling

  41. "Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity" ... "Now, we can return our focus to the game on the field.” Robert Kraft

  42. #Patriots owner Robert Kraft says “now we can return our focus to the game on the field.” http://t.co/QtdNKfy2Nf

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  45. Robert Kraft: “Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity.” http://t.co/LNkC2v06WZ

  46. Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s statement on today’s decision by Judge Berman to vacate suspension: http://t.co/w9P89JCLeY

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  48. Belichick: Sheard, Jones, Ninkovich Give Options

  49. Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft has released a statement: "We can return our focus to the game on the field." http://t.co/29FmVetm0D

  50. Robert Kraft issues statement: Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity. http://t.co/9AqXJMNYA8