1. Depends on the next 12 games from Bradford, but if his play doesn't improve, I say absolutely. #Eagles https://t.co/N4ND7PmgRe

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  11. #Eagles offensive line allowed more total pressures last year through 4 games (48) than this year (41), per PFF.

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  15. Philadelphia Morts @Eagles Family Guy characters mashed up into #NFL logos http://t.co/BJaNGRAFyi http://t.co/akQKoycMqE

  16. If Peters doesn't play, Eagles' only backups would be Vandervelde and Andrews. Both are G/C types. Kelly and Tobin supposed to be T/G depth

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  20. Point-after attempt stats: Teams are 285/302 (94.4%) on extra points. They are 15/29 (51.7%) on 2-pt conversions.

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  25. I'm sure he would welcome it, because it doesn't seem like coaches are going to play him here. #Eagles https://t.co/dvAE3j3rD6

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  33. I think they win, but I'd take the Saints with the 5 points. #Eagles https://t.co/VidPJHTx2B

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  38. #Eagles questions for the next few minutes. Shoot.

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  41. There have been 17 missed XPs this year, including one by the Eagles. Chip Kelly said his stance on two-point conversions hasn't changed.

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  45. Eagles should learn from the worst to beat the Saints http://t.co/sJCBhHTAdT http://t.co/Tsjesm4x7q

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  49. Dion Lewis: 30 attempts, 146 yards, 2 TD DeMarco Murray: 29 attempts, 47 yards, 1 TD #Eagles

  50. Pick-up game.  https://t.co/OOjmSBSiOK