Blake Griffin Drains 75-Foot Shot at Clippers Scrimmage, Ball Goes Undunked

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 4, 2012

Worst slam dunk ever. 

Blake Griffin reminded us all that the NBA season was just around the corner with something we are very well acquainted with, Blake Griffin highlights. 

Only, this one is a tad different from the ones we have seen in the past. For one, Griffin doesn't dunk the ball. Secondly, well, that's pretty much it. 

The guy loves to dunk. 

In this case (h/t Big Lead Sports), he gets pretty much as far away as you can from a basket and drains a shot to the amazement of all his teammates and the people who actually found it wise to watch a live open scrimmage of the Clippers. 

Something tells me they were going to be entertained either way. If you watch a practice and consider it an action-packed affair, you are pretty much going to tell the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids all about this shot. 

Not that this isn't amazing, because it is. 

Griffin takes one shot from 75 feet and drains it like a free throw. 

Seriously, just like a free throw, because we get just as amazed when this 59.3 percent career shooter from the charity stripe hits one of those. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Blake Griffin. Now with less dunking but just as much amazing. 

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