Finnish Top-Flight Football Match Gets Crazy When 2 Balls Enter Pitch

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 5, 2012

A Finnish football match tied at 1-1 entered a whole new level of crazy when two balls were tossed onto the pitch. Some referees just like to see the world burn. 

Stop me if you've heard this one. Two balls get thrown onto the pitch and one is scored. 

Me neither. That is exactly what happened in a game between HJK Helsinki and FC Haka when a ball kicked out of bounds resulted in absolute bedlam and one referee lost a ton of BFF's. 

Here is what The Telegraph (h/t Off the Bench) had to say about the situation. 

HJK Helsinki midfielder Juho Makela had scored in a Finnish top-flight match against FC Haka to make it 2-1.

Most were waiting for the whistle, but referee Mikko Lehtola awarded the goal and was having nothing of Haka's protests.

Haka would later score and the match would end in a draw, 2-2. 

Many will vilify the ref for allowing the goal to stand, and I am one of them. After looking more closely, it seems the ball goes into play far closer to the first ball being thrown in (1:25 mark). 

When you look closely, the referee and the assistant both signaled to the initial ball going out, and that was then the ball that would be played. 

The second ball never should have been thrown onto the pitch. However, I couldn't hear any whistle to re-start the play, so there is that added measure of controversy. 

Then again, this smells like a play that is destined to become quite the debate starter. What say you, football maniacs? 


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