1. Fan report: USA Anne Gillies lives in Michigan but her passion lies with @Mainz05en http://t.co/XDvlF0ifyb http://t.co/UDRSiZSWk0

  2. Chicharito Strikes Again, Leads Bayer Over Mainz 1-0

  3. Warm autumnal sunshine clashes with crisp morning air here on the training pitch. Preparations underway for #M05BVB! http://t.co/NouGxqo4XM

  4. More details on @NZimling: The Danish midfielder picked up a calf injury, and will be out for roughly 14 days. http://t.co/TxVTBMLe3X

  5. Niki #Zimling was forced to leave training early after a knock to hisb calf.

  6. More of the same against #Dortmund please, Yunus #Malli! http://t.co/7EOMGlz8cQ

  7. The trainings week is under way here at #Bruchweg. Focus is now on #M05BVB... http://t.co/Z60PxJPbih

  8. Take a look at how our international players got on this weekend: http://t.co/aoiTK7X9iV #Mainz05 http://t.co/MN5z4D87Gb

  9. Martin Schmidt: 'Tuchel was my idol' http://t.co/Wr8QvDdRba

  10. Couldn't drink, couldn't play but he could coach + inspire: amazing story of how Klopp built @1FSVMainz05 #LFC http://t.co/GpDERgIiFd

  11. A look back Check out @BVB's Thomas #Tuchel's top 5 moments with his former club @Mainz05en https://t.co/QMcsQQNfS2

  12. FULL TIME! The friendly between #Mainz05 and @fsv_frankfurt has finished 1-1. #M05FSV http://t.co/e35k3lgvot

  13. #Mainz05 are level with @fsv_frankfurt at the break! Another 45 miuntes to turn the 1-1 into a victory! #M05FSV http://t.co/lHbu8uxbB6

  14. #Mainz05 are facing @fsv_frankfurt in a friendly match at 15:00 CEST! http://t.co/NSmT2wFnAd

  15. Klopp: "I had 2 special clubs with @1FSVMainz05 and @BVB and this is the perfect next step to be here now and to try to help" @LFC

  16. Back to the Reds! #Mainz05, followed by @BVB and then off to @LFC. That's how it works, right? #KloppLFC http://t.co/BrQZazAlax