1. #Aufbautraining #Mitch #Langerak #workhard #VfB #wirfuereuch

  2. Dortmund's Auba Nets Again vs. Stuttgart

  3. Stuttgart Sack Coach Zorniger

  4. Bundesliga's Business as Usual a Good Sign for Normalcy

  5. Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Completed more successful dribbles vs VfB Stuttgart (10) than any other player has in a Bundesliga game this season #bvb

  6. Tune in to @dwnews for all of today's Bundesliga highlights including #S04B04 and Dortmund vs Stuttgart. https://t.co/LR5gCToAGT

  7. 5 Points: Fabian Johnson #USMNT, Auba-v-Lewy; Stuttgart; big praise for Holtby; Bayern's CBs. https://t.co/8Hj9k2u0Hp via FoxSports

  8. Bundesliga Wrap: Can Anyone Stop Bayern?

  9. Bundesliga Considers Security After Hannover Threat

  10. Match report: Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Stuttgart https://t.co/oHvZ01xiie (pic: AFP/Getty) https://t.co/epnbA6lSRi

  11. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang extends his lead among top scorers with a brace vs. Stuttgart. https://t.co/lYopPUozOt https://t.co/84xlSQXqds

  12. Well, it was a game I secretly didn't expect VfB to get a result from. Big game next week on the road against Bremen.

  13. Stuttgart Demand Full Price for Rudiger

  14. Bundesliga Table: Bayern, BVB Still Giants

  15. Stuttgart Caves Under Bayern's Counter-Attack

  16. Playing darts with @dieBreisgauer while watching the Arsenal game in Stuttgart. What a time to be alive.

  17. #Abpfiff #Spielende #Niederlage #Auswärtsspiel #Dortmund #BVBVfB 4:1 #VfB #wirfuereuch

  18. FT: Borussia Dortmund 4-1 VfB Stuttgart, but you pretty well knew that would happen, didn't you

  19. Bayern Run Riot Over Stuttgart

  20. Lewandowski scores his 14th goal of the season, a record in this century in the BL after 12 matches. #fcbayern

  21. Earlier, Dortmund's Aubameyang chipped the keeper for his first of two goals in a 4-1 win over Stuttgart. https://t.co/dzQpHFPUdm

  22. FT: Dortmund 4, Stuttgart 1. Aubameyang with two more goals in this one as Dortmund roll at home. https://t.co/0HVzpMhdcj

  23. Five minutes left in regular time. #VfB tries to get one back, but #BVB does not allow many chances. ------------------- #BVBVfB 3:1 (85')

  24. Police Raid German FA Over Tax Allegations

  25. 86' #VfB Sub: Rupp off, Wanitzek on #BVBVfB

  26. 82' #VfB Sub: Werner off, Tashchy on #BVBVfB

  27. Top 100 Youth Prospects in European Football

  28. Only Bayern have had more shots than Stuttgart this season. Yet 30 points separate them. That's pretty much their story this season.

  29. Robbie #Kruse comes on and replaces Alexandru #Maxim. More offensive #VfB effort now (70')!

  30. Leverkusen Come Back to Beat Stuttgart 4-3

  31. Marco Reus misses an absolute sitter for Dortmund but they still lead 3-1 against Stuttgart: https://t.co/ntYfqewhml https://t.co/75RGRuZwB6

  32. 70' #VfB Sub: Maxim off, Kruse on #BVBVfB

  33. Stuttgart's Ginczek Out Until 2016

  34. #Tyton!!!

  35. Noooo... Unlucky own goal from #VfB and it is #BVB 3 #VfB 1 ------------------ #BVBVfB 3:1 (65')

  36. Stuttgart has made four own goal this season. What happen? #BVBVfB

  37. 66' - That is the fourth own goal Stuttgart have scored this season. WHOOPS! #BVBVFB https://t.co/dEWB2ox4pN

  38. Good save by #Tyton. Stay focused #VfB (62')! ------------------ #BVBVfB 2:1 (63')

  39. Free-kick opportunity now for #VfB. #Maxim tries, but #BVB gets ball clear. ------------------- #BVBVfB 2:1 (54')

  40. ... That is too easy for #BVB. Lucky #Reus & #Aubameyang miss the 3rd goal for Dortmund (49') ------------------- #BVBVfB 2:1 (50')

  41. Both teams are back on the pitch and we are back on for the second half. Lets go #VfB!!! ------------------- #BVBVfB 2:1 (46')

  42. 46' - Second half underway in Dortmund! Is Stuttgart going to find an equalizer?! #BVBVFB

  43. Dortmund lead Stuttgart 2-1 at home as the 2nd half kicks off on @FS1 and #FOXSportsGO: https://t.co/9RurjRJ3Bo

  44. Halftime! #BVB started well & took early lead(3). #VfB came better into match, but BVB doubled lead(19). VfB recoverded & got one back (41).

  45. Halftime. 2-1 BVB. Bad start for VfB, but a good last 10 minutes sees them pull a goal back. This one is far from over. #BVBVfB

  46. 45+1' - Half time! #BVB head into the boot room with a 2-1 lead. #VfB still have a shot at points though! #BVBVFB

  47. One minute is added to the first half! #bvbvfb 2:1

  48. 45' - Dortmund stuck in neutral! Stuttgart with another strong chance. #BVBVFB https://t.co/NfiOAtA66N

  49. This looks much better now! ----------------- #BVBVfB 2:1 (41') 1:0 Castro (3') 2:0 Aubameyang (19') 2:1 Didavi (41')

  50. First a great chance for Timo #Werner, but BVB clears off the line. The next attack was better, #Korb crosses the ball & #Dida is there!

  51. 41' - Goal for Stuttgart was coming with the way Werner was breaking. Didavi brings one back. GAME ON! #BVBVFB https://t.co/6x3TP4Og38

  52. Goal!! Great counter from VfB sees a Werner shot cleared off the line, the ball recycled out, played back in and Didavi tapping in! 2-1 BVB.

  53. 40' GOAL ! Didavi scored for #VfB ! I 2-1 #BVBVfB