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  7. #Repost @mterstegen1 ・・・ Very happy with our victory and team performance! The support was amazing in Camp Nou, Thank you! #UCL #FCBvRoma

  8. Former (2011-2013) Barcelona B left wing player Cristian Lobato (26) has joined 2nd division team Nastic on a free transfer #fcblive

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  12. With 11 goals and 3 assists, Messi has been directly involved in 14 goals in 14 games with club and country this season [via @champ_ian]

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  18. With 121 goals combined the trident, MSN, have Europe at their feet! More news in Sport: https://t.co/GcluVuPCgC https://t.co/Xji7HWic4c

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  20. Deulofeu (Everton): "I love Everton and now I’ve come back and I hope to stay here for a lot of years."

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  25. Curry (Warriors): "When Messi's on TV, everybody is glued in because, as soon as he gets the ball, something special could happen." [dmail]

  26. A special person. A man who always delivers when needed, Andres Iniesta: https://t.co/L7L1G7WIYB https://t.co/OW63toVVBa

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  34. Messi (43), Suarez (39) and Neymar (39) have scored 121 club goals this year, more than any other team except for Bayern (122) [via sport]

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  51. Goals scored by Busquets for Barcelona, per season since 2008/2009: 3 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 0(ongoing) #fcblive [via sport]

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  55. Dear America, Happy #Thanksgiving from @FCBarcelona! https://t.co/gF8jEwpVjI | #ThanksgivingFCB #MesQueUnClub #FCB https://t.co/uizOUNj1Jc

  56. Had a photo and video shoot today in Camp Nou with @9024sports. Stay tuned for the footage... https://t.co/eYyt6nWoBu

  57. Pique Slots Home for Barcelona's 4th

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  59. Had a photo and video shoot today in Camp Nou with @9024sports. Stay tuned for the footage...

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  68. Goals conceded this season (per game): Ter Stegen 18 in 11 games (1,63) - Bravo 6 in 9 games (0,66) - Masip 0 in 1 game (0) [via periodico]

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  71. This is the country we play in. Imagine if Goodell came out tomorrow as a confirmed life long Patriots fan. https://t.co/UjxgoC9Go4

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  75. "It's a pleasure to watch Barça on TV - not to have them as a rival!" https://t.co/bxfN8qjIZN

  76. Roma be like 