Oakland A's Division-Clinching Win Causes Fan to Go Awesome

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The Oakland A's managed to cause one fan to go into the most ecstatic and giddy conniption fit we have ever seen. Oh, and they also took the AL West.

A tip of the virtual hat to SportsGrid for finding a video that delivers on the chuckles and the shaking of the head in amazement.

Just when you thought Oakland's 2012 story couldn't get any more amazing, we have video evidence that it gave one fan an out-of-body experience.

This is a matter of patience yielding the ultimate reward, because the video seems to be just your average capture of fans cheering on their favorite team.

If you stick with it for just a few moments, the cameraman gives us all a wonderful prize in the form of a super fan writhing in exultation right behind him.

Anyone who has found a sweet prize in their cereal box as a kid knows this joy, and they know it rather well.

The man looks like Christmas, Fourth of July and New Year's just exploded all over him, and he would just like to bathe in the excellence for a spell.

The A's are in the playoffs as division champs. Keep one camera on this dude for the rest of the playoffs, because something tells me we are in store for all kinds of special.

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