Junior Hockey Player Scores Goal Then Crashes Through Glass in Celebration Fail

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It's one thing to bring the house down, but quite another to shatter some glass while doing it. 

Here is a video teaching us all a valuable lesson in measured celebration. It's fine to holler and scream at athletic success, but just be careful doing so. 

You don't want to hurt your leg like Bill Gramatica after a field goal, and you certainly don't want to be like this young kid here, who hears cheers turn to laughs as soon as the glass around him shatters. 

Yahoo Sports reports on one of the greatest celebration fails involving glass being broken and a junior hockey player walking away unscathed. 

Well, except for the ego. 

According to the report, the young man flying through the glass is Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League. 

His team went on to win the game 4-1 and Cox became an Internet success story by pretty much failing in his celebration attempt. 

You only need to look at his Twitter account to know that Cox is doing just fine, and is quite amazed to have made SportsCenter with his antics. 

We are glad to see he is doing fine after what could have been a horrible fall through glass, but instead turned into a bizarre and wonderful viral video. 

Hockey players: stick to daps, knucks and high-fives. They are far less treacherous. 

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