2012 NBA Mock Draft: Predicting Picks for Entire 1st Round

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IMarch 12, 2012

2012 NBA Mock Draft: Predicting Picks for Entire 1st Round

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    It's time for March Madness, which also means it's the final couple of weeks for potential NBA prospects to up their stock in game action.

    The NCAA Tournament tends to be an eye opener for NBA scouts, so now could be the biggest chance for guys to rise up, or slide down the big board.

    With that being said, let's get into this week's mock draft. If you would like to see who's moved up and down from a week ago, feel free to check out last week's mock as well.

    The Charlotte Bobcats are once again on the clock.

1. Charlotte Bobcats: Anthony Davis, Kentucky

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    2011-12 Stats: 14.3 PPG, 10.0 RPG, 4.6 BPG

    Some may doubt Davis, but the truth of the matter is that he's one of the best NBA prospects in quite some time.

    There's only so much I can keep raving about his game-changing defensive abilities, but he's got a solid offensive game as well.

    Of course, his game will evolve on the offensive end as time goes on, but he's got great footwork and he finishes well, shooting 65 percent from the floor on the season.

    The Bobcats can't go wrong here.

2. Washington Wizards: Harrison Barnes, North Carolina

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    2011-12 Stats: 17.4 PPG, 5.2 RPG

    If the Wizards go with the next best guy here, then they take U Conn's Andre Drummond, but we'll stick with the pick of Barnes for them.

    In Barnes, the Wizards get that other scoring option point guard John Wall desperately needs.

    His offensive game will translate nicely to the NBA. Barnes can score from anywhere and is very good at creating his own shot, something he will have to do a lot of in Washington.

3. New Orleans Hornets: Andre Drummond, Connecticut

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    2011-12 Stats: 10.2 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 2.7 BPG

    Drummond's numbers may not jump off the page, but he's got an NBA body and a very high ceiling.

    He's got a solid back-to-the-basket post game and crashes the glass effectively.

    There's a chance he could return to Connecticut for his sophomore season, but if he declares for the draft, New Orleans can't let him slide past No. 3.

4. New Jersey Nets: Thomas Robinson, Kansas

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    2011-12 Stats: 17.9 PPG, 11.8 RPG

    We still like Robinson for the Nets at No. 4, as they could also go with Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist here, but with Robinson, they get a complete package on the block. We still don't know what will happen with the Dwight Howard saga or if Kris Humphries will be on the team next season.

    With Robinson, they get a guy that's strong as a bear and can also rise way above the rim.

    He's NBA-ready with an outstanding post game and a motor that doesn't quit.

5. Detroit Pistons: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky

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    2011-12 Stats: 11.8 PPG, 7.6 RPG

    We've been consistently giving the Pistons a big every week, but that's because Kidd-Gilchrist has been off the board.

    Detroit can't pass on the huge upside of MKG, and he will give them production off the wing.

    He's got the ability to be a defensive stopper in the NBA and can get to the rim with ease. His perimeter shot needs some work, but it will come along .

6. Sacramento Kings: Jared Sullinger, Ohio State

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    2011-12 Stats: 17.6 PPG, 9.3 RPG

    This tournament could be a make-or-break couple weeks for Sullinger.

    Depending on who you talk to, some like Sullinger, and some think he could eventually fall out of the top00 0001000000000.

    We've got Sullinger moving up a spot this week to No. 6, but still to Sacramento.

    He's got a solid post game and a very nice touch around the rim, but the knocks on him are that he disappears against good competition and conditioning could be an issue.

    We still like him here, though, as paired with DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings could have a very good young backcourt.

7. Toronto Raptors: Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut

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    2011-12 Stats: 17.7 PPG, 4.9 RPG

    Lamb is a can't-miss guy and could turn out to be a steal at No. 7 for Toronto.

    He's got the ability to be a lethal NBA scorer who can be a pretty good defensive guard as well.

    With last season's first-round pick, Jonas Valanciunas, excelling overseas, the Raptors have a chance to add to big parts to next season's team, and Lamb could add a lot to what is currently missing in Toronto.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: Brad Beal, Florida

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    2011-12 Stats: 14.6 PPG, 6.5 RPG

    Beal's one of the two best pure shooters in college basketball, along with Vanderbilt's John Jenkins, and would be a great fit in Cleveland alongside Kyrie Irving.

    He's got good size at 6'4" and a terrific stroke. He's great at both coming off screens or spotting up.

    Beal's also very solid at the defensive end and is a good enough athlete to defend either guard position.

9. Milwaukee Bucks: Austin Rivers, Duke

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    2011-12 Stats: 15.4 PPG, 3.4 RPG, 2.1 APG

    The Bucks could go with a big like Mississippi State's Arnett Moultrie or Indiana's Cody Zeller here, depending on what happens with Andrew Bogut at the trade deadline, but for now, we give them the scoring potential of Rivers.

    Rivers has a great first step and an outstanding shot, and overall, a very fluid offensive game.

    He's a natural scorer, but needs to get better at getting his shots through the natural course of the offense instead of forcing things so much.

    Regardless, Rivers has the potential to be a very good NBA scorer and is someone the Bucks can't pass on.

10. Utah Jazz (via Golden State): Perry Jones III, Baylor

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    2011-12 Stats: 14.0 PPG, 7.7 RPG

    Jones has been trending downward for a few weeks now, but he had a very solid Big 12 Tournament, including a 31-point effort against Kansas State and four double-doubles.

    If his head's on straight, Jones has the ability to step in and produce from the wing for the Jazz right away.

    His maturity and his inability to dominate while at Baylor have come into question, but there's no doubting his overall talent.

11. Phoenix Suns: Moe Harkless, St. Johns

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    2011-12 Stats: 15.3 PPG, 8.6 RPG

    Harkless' stock continues to soar, and while's it's a bit of a reach for the Suns at No. 11, given the need for Phoenix, this pick makes sense.

    The St. John's freshman is an outstanding pro prospect who has a dynamic offensive game and is very efficient on the glass.

    He's a great athlete with a tremendous upside.

12. Utah Jazz: Damian Lillard, Weber State

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    2011-12 Stats: 24.5 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 4.0 APG, 1.5 SPG

    Lillard's fast rise up the board continues, as he's now our top-ranked point guard and in the lottery.

    He's a do-it-all type of point guard who can both score and facilitate.

    He's lighting quick and can run an offense very well. He is the type of player who can get his shots within the flow of the offense.

13. Portland Trail Blazers: Cody Zeller, Indiana

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    2011-12 Stats: 15.5 PPG, 6.4 RPG

    With the Greg Oden experiment officially viewed as a bust, the Blazers need to address their need for a man in the middle.

    Zeller could elect to return to Indiana, but he's a talent.

    He's got a solid offensive game and a nice touch around the basket to go along with a very good mid-range game.

    He also runs the floor very well and lets the game come to him.

14. New Orleans Hornets (via Minnesota): Kendall Marshall, North Carolina

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    2011-12 Stats: 7.8 PPG, 9.7 APG

    Already drafting Drummond, the Hornets elect to grab their point guard of the future in Marshall.

    He's a great floor general who sees the floor very well. Marshall excels in transition, but is very adept at running the half-court game as well.

    His scoring ability and inability on the defensive end could effect his draft status, but Marshall is the rare type of guard who makes everyone else on the floor better and will be a good fit for the Hornets.

15. Houston Rockets (via New York): Arnett Moultrie, Mississippi State

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    2011-12 Stats: 15.8 PPG, 10.6 RPG

    Moultrie makes a big slide down the board this week after being a Top 10 pick for most of the season. That's due mostly to an early run on shooting guards, but his slide is Houston's gain.

    He's got a great offensive game and is a player that can score from both the inside or outside.

    Moultrie can crash the glass and has great size and length. He runs the floor like a guard and battles like a center.

    He's a guy with plenty of upside and could be the big man the Rockets have been missing.

16. Boston Celtics: Tyler Zeller, North Carolina

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    2011-12 Stats: 16.5 PPG, 9.3 RPG

    Zeller becomes the replacement for Kevin Garnett in Boston.

    He's got a solid back-to-the-basket offensive game and can also face up and get to the rim.

    Zeller can leap and is a great rebounder.

    He's got a nice right-handed jump hook and is a solid athlete with surprisingly good quickness.

17. New Jersey Nets (via Houston): Terrence Jones, Kentucky

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    2011-12 Stats: 12.5 PPG, 7.5 RPG

    Already drafting Robinson early on, the Nets add a talented wing player in Jones.

    He's got a good skill set and can score in a variety of different ways.

    Jones is more comfortable facing up, but has had to play in the post for Kentucky, where he's done a good job. He can also take his game beyond the three-point line with success.

18. Denver Nuggets: John Henson, North Carolina

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    2011-12 Stats: 13.8 PPG, 10.9 RPG, 2.9 BPG

    Henson should be going much higher in the draft, but due to need, he falls to the Nuggets.

    This low in the first round, Henson is hands-down the steal of the draft.

    His outstanding length and athleticism make him great on the defensive end, and he reads and covers the court as good as anyone in the draft, which makes him an outstanding shot blocker and rebounder.

    Offensively, he's got a good face-up game, but he will get most of his points in transition as he gets up and down the floor very easily.

19. Philadelphia 76ers: Meyers Leonard, Illinois

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    2011-12 Stats: 13.6 PPG, 8.2 RPG, 1.9 BPG

    The Sixers go with the best available on the boars, and Leonard is a true seven-footer with a good frame.

    You can never have too much length and talent down low, and the Sixers get a guy that's not only big, but quick.

    Leonard can put the ball on the deck and get by defenders, but also has a decent back-to-the-basket game.

    He also has a high basketball IQ and is a very good passer.

    Leonard, similar to Henson, is also a guy that could eventually go much higher in the draft.

20. Los Angeles Lakers (via Dallas): Tony Wroten, Washington

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    2011-12 Stats: 16.7 PPG, 5.0 RPG, 3.6 APG, 1.9 SPG

    Despite Wroten's missed free-throws that ultimately cost the Huskies an NCAA Tournament berth, he still remains a solid NBA prospect.

    With the Lakers still needing a point guard, which could change by next week, Wroten is a very solid pick here.

    He's got great court vision and has a knack for finding teammates.

    Wroten's a package of a guy that can score, rebound, pass and play defense. He will fit in nicely for Mike Brown in Los Angeles.

21. Memphis Grizzlies: Terrence Ross, Washington

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    2011-12 Stats: 15.3 PPG, 6.5 RPG

    Back-to-back Huskies off the board, as the Grizzlies fill a need with Ross.

    They add a solid two-guard to their already talented core, which just makes Memphis stronger in the future.

    Ross has good size and a nice smooth stroke with a quick release.

    He's also a very good rebounder for a guard and will fit in nicely in Memphis.

22. Atlanta Hawks: Tony Mitchell, North Texas

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    2011-12 Stats: 14.7 PPG, 10.3 RPG

    With the lack of production coming from Marvin Williams at the small forward spot in Atlanta, the Hawks will take a shot on North Texas' Mitchell.

    He's got the size to play either forward spot and runs the floor extremely well. Mitchell's a good spot-up shooter and is very quick in the post.

    Defensively, he not only has the size, but also the quickness to guard either forward spot.

23. Boston Celtics (via Los Angeles Clippers): John Jenkins, Vanderbilt

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    2011-12 Stats: 19.9 PPG, 2.8 RPG

    Jenkins could turn into a replacement for Ray Allen, and similar to Allen, Jenkins can shoot it.

    He's deadly from long-range with a lightning-quick release and no fear.

    He's going to be a solid NBA scorer for whoever drafts him.

24. Los Angeles Lakers: Jeffrey Taylor, Vanderbilt

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    2011-12 Stats: 16.4 PPG, 5.8 RPG

    Back-to-back Commodores off the board, as the Lakers fill a need on the wing with Taylor.

    He's a great athlete with exceptional leaping ability and just an overall smooth player.

    Taylor's a very good perimeter defender who's strong and very long.

    Offensively, he can get to the rim and has a nice perimeter shot, though he can be inconsistent from long distance at times.

25. Orlando Magic: Fab Melo, Syracuse

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    2011-12 Stats: 7.8 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 2.9 BPG

    This pick is made assuming Dwight Howard is either dealt or walks as a free agent. If the Magic lock him up, they could focus on a point guard instead.

    With Melo, they get a project, but a project that has a lot of talent.

    He should be fine on the defensive end of the floor, but his offensive game is going to need some work.

    Melo has length and pretty good footwork and a pretty good feel around the basket. Once he develops some NBA-type post moves, he could become a legitimate NBA center.

26. Indiana Pacers: Dion Waiters, Syracuse

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    2011-12 Stats: 12.6 PPG, 2.6 APG

    Waiters gives the Pacers a little extra scoring punch.

    He's a good combo-guard who has good size at 6'4" and can play both on and off the ball.

    Waiters is very good at changing direction and finishing with contact and is an above-average shooter with NBA-range.

27. San Antonio Spurs, Doron Lamb, Kentucky

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    2011-12 Stats: 13.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG

    Lamb adds some more youth, as the Spurs Big Three are aging, and he could turn into a replacement for Manu Ginobili down the line.

    He has the talent to be a very good NBA scorer who has both a solid long-range and a very lethal mid-range attack.

28. Miami Heat: Mason Plumlee, Duke

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    2011-12 Stats: 10.9 PPG, 9.1 RPG

    Plumlee gives the Heat some more size and another good athlete.

    He can rise an attack the glass and has a decent post game.

    Plumlee hasn't dominated at Duke the way his skill set says he should, but on a talented Miami team, they can afford him to be a work in progress.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kris Joseph, Syracuse

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    2011-12 Stats: 13.8 PPG, 4.9 RPG

    Solid role player for the Thunder that adds more depth.

    He's a tremendous athlete who possesses great leaping abilities and a motor that doesn't quit.

    Offensively, he's always active, always finding the open space.

    Defensively, his long wingspan could make him a solid defender at the next level.

30. Chicago Bulls: Draymond Green, Michigan State

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    2011-12 Stats: 16.1 PPG, 10.4 RPG

    Green gives the Bulls another solid talent that can play either forward position and contribute.

    He's a little undersized, but he produces.

    He, similar to Joseph, is very active and a guy that always seems to make things happen.

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