1. 20 years ago today, Kevin Garnett made his NBA debut. There are 14 active NBA players who weren't born yet... https://t.co/UlTKzSORoo

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  3. The Legacy of Garnett-Pierce Trade

  4. KG's Talent, Tenacity Were Ultimate Tests for Heat

  5. KG Becomes 5th Player in History to Play 50,000 Minutes

  6. Kevin Garnett honored Flip Saunders during last night's game in Minnesota. #ForFlip https://t.co/9qwVSKs9Aq

  7. Here are 14 NBA players who were born after Kevin Garnett made his debut in 1995 https://t.co/K4Ob0CI8Jl https://t.co/fyM1IJ0RJt

  8. KG Praises Curry's Game: It's Beautiful for Basketball

  9. Why You Shouldn't Give KG Puppies

  10. KG Embraces New Role as Teacher for Young T-Wolves

  11. 14 active players (2 T-Wolves) weren't born for Kevin Garnett's NBA debut 20 yrs ago today: https://t.co/EIfpWBaCnF https://t.co/bWwqIxCfIv

  12. Dwyane Wade putting on an old-man's-game performance in front of Kevin Garnett, Tayshaun Prince and, of course, Andre Miller.

  13. Coincidentally, Jefferson and Bynum led the packages Kevin McHale had to choose between when trading Garnett in '07. https://t.co/zz57YvwDk8

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  17. Timberwolves start Tayshaun Prince and Kevin Garnett, combined age 74. Doug should be OK. #Bulls

  18. Kevin Garnett with a T for elbowing McDermott on the free throw. Those two still barking

  19. Most 30-point games, Timberwolves players 20 or younger: Stephon Marbury: 6 Andrew Wiggins: 5 (incl. Saturday) Kevin Garnett: 4

  20. From Prospect to Mentor, KG Has It Covered

  21. Watch: KG Hits the 'Smooth Criminal' Lean

  22. Kevin Garnett was more intense than ever during the @Timberwolves' win over the @ATLHawks https://t.co/JZLPNsUQm2 https://t.co/RfDFcVsVao

  23. UPDATED INJURY REPORT: Nikola Pekovic (recovery from surgery on his right Achilles), Kevin Garnett (rest). #CHAatMIN

  24. KG Welcomes Portis to NBA with 'Unrepeatable' Words

  25. KG Doesn't Care for Coach's Stories

  26. Garnett Returns to Help T-Wolves with Flip Saunders Away


  28. Don’t give Kevin Garnett any puppies https://t.co/7jRC0M6Zp7

  29. Preview: Wiggins Rising, LaVine Soaring and Towns' Hungry Hippos

  30. I don’t know that Kevin Garnett should be allowed to look after puppies https://t.co/yoU2m5ZmrD https://t.co/YLHUFYyeQT

  31. Kevin Garnett's analogy about helping mentor young talent on the Timberwolves was... interesting. https://t.co/owzW36iLZf

  32. Saunders: KG Will Start for T-Wolves

  33. Towns Wants to Learn How to Be a Champ from Garnett

  34. The idea of Draymond Green guarding Kevin Garnett 10 years ago would have been laughable. Of course, Green would have been 15.

  35. Kevin Garnett Compares Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan: "It's beautiful for basketball" https://t.co/1R5s0VELpB https://t.co/hktNBNU8Ci

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  37. Garnett Returned to Shape T-Wolves' Future

  38. Kevin Garnett: Like Michael Jordan, Steph Curry Is His Own Thing, Beautiful For Basketball: https://t.co/7ciAJMC14t

  39. Sam Mitchell says Kevin Garnett will play tonight. Second half of back to back.

  40. Kevin Garnett compares Stephen Curry’s (@StephenCurry30) impact to Michael Jordan’s https://t.co/Au28KmCuoT https://t.co/tI6pQ4cfpS

  41. Wow. Mavericks are slicing up the Rockets 42-25 early in the second quarter. Dwight Powell looks like Kevin Garnett, circa 2005.

  42. Kevin Garnett needs 18 minutes to become the 5th player in NBA history to amass 50,000 minutes (Abdul-Jabbar, K. Malone, Kidd, E. Hayes).

  43. Kevin Garnett just became the 5th player in NBA history to amass 50,000 minutes (Abdul-Jabbar, K. Malone, Kidd, E. Hayes). #Twolves

  44. Congrats to Kevin Garnett (standing ovation currently taking place here at Target Center) who moved into 4th all-time in minutes played. ^jm

  45. VIDEO: Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett feeds Zach LaVine for huge alley-oop jam! https://t.co/SuIuTFlVyN https://t.co/PCI2FG3d8S

  46. Kevin Garnett becomes 5th player in NBA history to play 50,000 minutes. https://t.co/ScHWQ4Hjgw https://t.co/8gVTvdGl01

  47. The Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, has moved to 4th in all-time minutes played. KG has played a total of 50,006 minutes. https://t.co/jDj5TU5C8j

  48. ICYMI: Kevin Garnett moved into 4th place on the all-time minutes played list last night. KG has played 50,006 min. https://t.co/W9frTpVtTm

  49. Kevin Garnett is 105 minutes away from moving to No. 3 in the list of most minutes played in NBA history. Jason Kidd is No. 3 right now.

  50. Kevin Garnett has given rookie Karl-Anthony Towns plenty of advice, per @daldridgetnt: https://t.co/1aMAa8rtLg https://t.co/Bx9Fru8mJZ

  51. Wallace: Mention Kevin Garnett around the Miami Heat, then buckle up for a wild ride: https://t.co/aGJyldUZPf

  52. Story: #Twolves Kevin Garnett is coaching, whether he admits it or not. Plus, a Ricky Rubio update. By @MarinoEccher https://t.co/DwLUFUT6FL

  53. As Kevin Garnett hits MIA for perhaps the final time, Amar'e Stoudemire & Chris Bosh reflect on going up against KG. https://t.co/qmTbbfFDho

  54. Kevin Garnett is playing against the Heat for the 66th time (including playoffs) in his career tonight.

  55. Kevin Garnett is older than two of tonight's refs.