1. Dwight Howard said the Rockets record is embarrassing, but not the point now. The emphasis has to be on level of play.

  2. Dwight on Kobe's Retirement: 'Next Question'

  3. Porzingis Hype Gets Reality Check

  4. Howard Finishes Reverse Alley-Oop

  5. HOU Will Benefit with Howard Available for B2Bs

  6. Player coach Dwight Howard please!

  7. Dwight Howard, Coach Killer strikes again.

  8. Pretty tough to win with James Harden and Dwight Howard (at this stage). Need a lot of KG/Pierce types beside them, imo.

  9. Howard Says He's Ready for Back-to-Backs

  10. Dwight Not Worried About Fewer Scoring Chances

  11. Goals the Rockets Must Achieve This Season

  12. If they bring back Thibs, so much for the Dwight Howard Maintenance Plan, lol.

  13. Opposing NBA GM: "A team with James Harden and Dwight Howard as the stars had to fire the coach? Gee, shocking."

  14. Rockets' Defensive Issues Need to Be Addressed...Soon

  15. Harden, Rockets Have a Defensive Effort Problem

  16. Dwight Howard said he'll play tonight at Denver. But won't play Saturday vs Dallas.

  17. That's a tough one. I have a few. shaq, Tracy McGrady, Dwight Howard, or JJ redick https://t.co/NM2ouQUAxi

  18. Your Rockets starters for tonight: F: @TrevorAriza F: @TerrenceJones1 C: @DwightHoward G: @JHarden13 G: @jasonterry31

  19. Howard Learning to Live as Target for Fans' Scorn

  20. Heckler Wins This Round vs. Dwight

  21. Harden, Howard Power Rockets to Fourth Straight Win

  22. Blazers fans will love this: James Harden is 2-for-9 from the field, including 2-for-7 from three-point range. Dwight Howard 2 pts, 8 rebs

  23. Dwight Howard misses one-handed alley-oop dunk against Trail Blazers: https://t.co/09hJNsXRME https://t.co/SRMsGyfQTa

  24. Dwight Howard has a plus/minus of -22 for the game. Yikes.

  25. Rockets' Howard to Sit Out Friday, Play Saturday

  26. Howard Could Play Both Ends of Back-to-Back This Weekend

  27. Howard on Former Team Magic: I'm Happy for Them

  28. VIDEO: Dwight Howard completely botches this alley-oop. Feel free to slow clap. https://t.co/6Byee9AA7f https://t.co/6qPGO9W7KV

  29. Dwight Howard hit with a flagrant 1 for flooring Gerald Henderson.

  30. Rockets Have Long Way to Go Despite Big Win

  31. Dwight Howard Out for Game Against Heat

  32. Dwight Howard makes 2 fts, cuts lead to 5. Has more fts made (3) than fgs (2), but has 18 rebounds in 34 minutes.

  33. So Heat this season so far have played teams without Kidd-Gilchrist, Kobe, DeMarre Carroll, Rudy Gobert, Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard.

  34. What If LeBron James Never Left Cleveland?

  35. Howard: Back Is 'Pretty Good', I Expect to Play Oct. 30

  36. "Anyone suggesting this is somehow Dwight Howard's fault, you're not watching the games." - @coachthorpe

  37. Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah fight for a loose ball during a 2004 High School All-Star game in Chicago: https://t.co/xUqlH57LAs

  38. Morey: Howard Is Healthy and the Best Center in NBA

  39. Dwight Howard Feeling Better, Closer to Playing

  40. Dwight Howard not worried about fewer scoring chances https://t.co/CBuGpHDMR5

  41. Lineup update: Dwight Howard will play in tonight's matchup vs the Grizzlies.

  42. Ex-Magic CEO: Dwight Likened Self to MJ

  43. Lawson Trade, Capela Rising and Summer of Harden: Rockets Preview

  44. Dwight Howard to play tonight in Memphis, Rockets announce. Likely to sit out tomorrow in second half of back-to-back.

  45. In 98 minutes over his last 3 games, Dwight Howard has just 15 FGA & 13 FTA: https://t.co/n6IjxnRzBI KG shoots more often than that.

  46. Dwight Claims Torn MCL in '15 Playoffs

  47. D12 Ready for Preseason Minutes

  48. No change on Dwight Howard's back-to-back schedule - for now. Playing tonight, out tmrw. Working toward playing both, Bickerstaff said.

  49. Knicks catch another break: Dwight Howard expected to sit out tomorrow because in today's NBA back-to-backs are really, really hard.

  50. Howard Doesn't Want to Look at Contract Future

  51. Howard to Have His Minutes Monitored This Season

  52. Rockets starters: F: @TrevorAriza F: @TerrenceJones1 C: @DwightHoward G: @JHarden13 G: @jasonterry31

  53. Al Jefferson:191st career game with 20 points & 10 rebounds Only 2 players have more in last 10 seasons (Dwight Howard and Zach Randolph

  54. Lin Explains How to Fit in the NBA

  55. Dwight Howard Goes with Peak in New Shoe Deal

  56. VIDEO: Dwight Howard forgets to basketball.... https://t.co/VSzck3qPEF https://t.co/va6uhZuMCP

  57. Dwight Howard upgraded to 'maybe.' With three off days, chance to rest after back-to-back.

  58. According to @Jonathan_Feigen Dwight Howard has been upgraded to "a maybe" tonight.

  59. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Dwight Howard may work tonight. Very inspirational

  60. Dwight Howard out for second half of Rockets' back-to-back. Clint Capela starts at center.

  61. Dwight Howard won't play second night of back-to-back so he's out. Rockets tried to make it seem he may play earlier tonight.

  62. Dwight Howard is not working tonight. Kristaps 1, Dee-white 0.

  63. Dwight Howard is not playing to rest. The Rockets next game is in four days so that's a lot of time to rest.

  64. Clyde Frazier says "no way" Dwight Howard should be sitting tonight with way things going in Houston. Says lack of leadership.

  65. Bickerstaff said Dwight Howard is scheduled to be evaluated this week in hopes he will be cleared to play back-to-backs.

  66. Imagining what Russell, Wilt (RIP), Kareem, Parish, etc., think when they see Rockets boxscore. Dwight Howard: Did Not Dress -- Rest.

  67. Rockets will evaluate Dwight Howard, may soon be cleared for back-to-backs. https://t.co/WAarJ91OpK https://t.co/0i6h43lHKD