CvC 2.0: It's Time Once Again to Vote

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2011

CvC 2.0: It's Time Once Again to Vote

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    The second round of this competition was very difficult for all the competitors.

    Their topics were on international pro wrestling, which was way out of everyone's comfort zones. However, everyone who wrote did an excellent job, and it'll be tough to vote.

    Now, the time has come to vote for the articles you thought were the best within each matchup.

    The same rules apply, voting will end at Sunday at 12 a.m., and the structure to cast your votes remains the same:





    ...and so on, as this way shortens up the time for me to count votes!

    Also, I must apologize for the lateness of this voting article as last night in my area there was a bad electrical storm, so I didn't want to be on any sort of electronic device, which basically led me to take a nap until the storm passed, which unfortunately, due to the medication I am on for my illness, meant I was out cold.

    No amount of excuses—even reasonable ones—will absolve me as it was my responsibility, and I can't help to feel I let you all down.

Red Division

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    1. Dan Power article vs. Ben Gartland article 

    Topic: Greatest Mosca (Flyweight) Luchador


    2. Tim Nguyen article vs. Daniel Massey article 

    Topic: Greatest Death Match of All Time


    3. Kevin Stonebarger article vs. Rize article 

    Topic: Best Australian Wrestler Ever

Blue Division

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    1. Will J Baker article vs. Robert Aitken article

    *Will J Baker has been DQ'd due to his wrestler having wrestled in the US*

    Topic: Best European Wrestler Yet to Wrestle in the U.S.


    2. ReDevil article vs. Charlie Groenewegon article

    Topic: Worst Defunct Wrestling Promotion Internationally


    3. Jon Sainz article vs. Eric Kanes article

    Topic: Best Lucha Libre Tag Team of All Time

Black Division

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    1. Chinmay article vs. Deal Yo article

    Topic: Greatest Japanese Female Wrestler of All Time


    2. Jacob Waring article vs. Chris Mueller article

    Topic: Best International Pro-Wrestling Style of All Time

White Division

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    1.  Tom Clark article vs. Muzzy Daud article

    Topic: Best Promotion Internationally


    2. Buzz none vs Hamster Fan article

    *Buzz is DQ'd due to not posting his article*

    Topic: Best Puerto Rican Promotion


'Til Next Time....

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    Now, the first round was mostly to weed the writers from the wordsmiths.

    It touched on topics that were somewhat challenging but with which we were all familiar and knew where to go to for research.

    It was also a round to familiarize oneself with the Creature vs. Creature 2.0 rules and to know who'll be the ones to beat.

    The second round tested us all with topics that went with the theme of international wrestling. It forced us all to move out of our comfort zones and embrace new styles of wrestling that were unfamiliar to us.

    It was also a round that tested our researching abilities, as some had to go to the darkest areas of the web to find what they needed!

    Now, round three will test all the competitors in a unique way, as it'll push our creative skills to the limit; it'll challenge your ways of thinking creatively.

    I won't reveal which aspects of pro wrestling it'll cover, but I'll reveal the name of the theme: Artistic Standpoint!