Lucha Libre: Who Is the Greatest Flyweight Luchador of All-Time?

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIJuly 6, 2011

Red Division (Cross the Line Division)

Sir Ben Gartland vs. Dan Power

Best Flyweight Luchador

For any man to weigh under 115 pounds and still have wrestling talent is very rare.

Making his way to the ring...

Yet, it's even more rare for that man not to compete in the "mini-estrellas" (mini-stars) division. A.K.A., midget wrestling.

Standing at four feet, five inches tall.

However, there is one man who has upgraded from the mini-estrellas division and now wrestles with the "big boys," so to speak.

Weighing in at 110 pounds.

He can hold his own against the bigger luchadors, and is often better than them. He deserves to be called "the best flyweight."

Mascarita Dorada!

Mascarita Dorada: The Greatest Flyweight (Mosca) Luchador Ever!

As a famous quote says, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

Regardless of its cliche overuse, the quote fits perfectly with Mascarita Dorada.


Who Is He?

Mascarita Dorada is a Mexican luchador, currently wrestling for CMLL and other independent Mexican promotions. He also has appeared on Lucha Libre USA on MTV2.

He debuted as a wrestler in 2000 for AAA under the name "Speedy Gonzales." He was then transformed into a "clone" character, taking over the character of Mascarita Sagrada. He was renamed Mascarita Sagrada 2000, but the 2000 was dropped within months.

He wrestled under that moniker in AAA for seven years, winning the Mini-Estrella championship once in 2001 and holding on to it for almost three years. He regained the title about six months later and held on to it as he left AAA in 2007. He was never stripped of the title, but it was declared inactive when he left.

He then went to CMLL and was renamed "Mascarita Dorada." There, he had several opportunities at both the mini's title and the National Lightweight title. He was unsuccessful in those bouts, but audiences still loved him for his awe-inspiring matches.

He is currently still working for CMLL, and is still flying around the ring, creating moments that American stars could only dream of.


Why Is He the Best?

Asking why Dorada is the best is like asking why people like money. The answer is so obvious that it's almost not worth answering. But I'll answer anyways.


Wrestling Talent

Since he's only 110 pounds, Dorada obviously is not a power guy. So he uses his small stature to become the most dangerous high-flyer in Mexico.

His offense is so crazy and unpredictable, that his matches makes Sin Cara dizzy. Check out the video examples on the side if you don't believe me.

His ability to pull of such crazy, high-flying moves made him a star amongst the mini's, which is why he was promoted up to face the bigger opponents. Now he makes men twice his size look like fools.

To have those skills, no matter what size, is incredible. But when you have those skills when you are under 4'6"? It's just incredible that he's able to perform like he does.


Carrying Feuds

A feud between two luchadors is different then an American feud. Most every luchador wears a mask, so it's more difficult to have a feud without facial expressions in matches or speaking very much.

Yet Dorada is a master of creating great feuds. His feuds with Pierrothito in 2008-09 are legendary! Their great wrestling skills told the story of their feud without showing their face or speaking.

He has been highly lauded amongst the high-flying lucha libre community for his great feuding ability. He has also had great feuds with Pequeño Damián 666 and Mini Abismo Negro during his 11-year career that is, thankfully, still going on.


Outperforming His Ancestors

As I stated before in this article, Dorada was originally a "clone" of Mascarita Sagrada. Sagrada was a legend in his own right, but his legendary status is currently being eclipsed by the man known as Mascarita Dorada.

Hell, even Mascarita Sagrada is a mini version of Mascara Sagrada, and yet, Dorada is more popular then both of them. Many third-string clones are just cheap knock-offs of the original character, but Dorada took the character and made it his own while still maintaining the essence of the original Mascara Sagrada.

When he went to CMLL in 2007, he was given an entirely new character to be, and he has worked wonders with it. Lucha Libre fans have been screaming for Dorada in every match, no matter what character he plays!

Entertainment and Other Qualities

Compile the first three categories and you have one hell of a performer. His matches are always four- or five-star quality. His feuds are fantastic, and are anticipated highly before they even start.

He is an absolute legend in Mexico. Therefore many American promotions have wanted him to work for their companies, but he has not worked for an American promotion to this day. He's like the Sting of Lucha Libre.

His mystique in performing in the all black and yellow suit given to the character of Mascarita Dorada is a special kind of mystery. Throughout his whole career he has wrestled in a full body suit, not giving the fans any glimpse of anything under the wrestling character.



As I stated earlier in this article, Mascarita Dorada was originally a "clone" character. But the thing with Dorada is he can not be cloned in the future, without the clone being worse then he is.

So ,theoretically, he is irreplaceable, due to the fact that Dorada is the best, as I have outlined in this article. No one can or will be better.

He's like the Undertaker of Lucha Libre. No one quite like him, and no one can ever replace him.


A person the size of Dorada does not usually have a very long career. Yet Dorada is currently in his 11th year of wrestling and is only 29! He still has at least five more years left in him to awe us with his phenomenal skills.


Closing Arguments

I hope I have convinced you that Mascarita Dorada is the best flyweight luchador of all-time. One of the great things about him is he is not done yet. In five years, articles about him will be twice as long to list all of his accolades.

His wrestling skills are full of agility and grace. He does things never seen before in a ring.

His ability to carry feuds is second to no other luchador. Any feud he is in is automatically legendary. Many WWE and TNA stars would do well to watch him.

He has outperformed his character ancestors, who are legends in their own right. No other character clone has done that.

He has wrestled for over a decade at his small size and is still as spectacular as ever. His longevity is a miracle for his very small stature.

There are no other words for it.

Mascarita Dorada is simply the best!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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