The Most Overrated Sports Movies Ever

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The Most Overrated Sports Movies Ever

A movie can be overrated for any number of reasons. It may be a very good film, but simply not merit the accolades it receives. It may ride the coattails of current events to garner more attention that it deserves.

It could inaccurately present a subject, leaving its audience unwittingly ill-informed. It may even appear like a quality film before further investigation reveals that it's nothing but a ripoff of a classic.

Sports movies are no different.

While they tend to get a lot of play in the media and attract big-name stars, films about sports are difficult to pull off, with so many fanatical sports enthusiasts dissecting each word, pitch, snap, and shot, as well as the historical accuracy of the events presented.

From Oscar winners to cult classics, here are 10 sports movies that don't merit the attention they have garnered since their release.

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