1. Francona on Ramirez antics: "Oh, boy. Good swing, poor judgment. He’ll learn. Hopefully not the hard way, but he’ll learn." #MNTwins

  2. Francona: "That’s not really what we're looking for. I think the home run is good enough. Show up and play the game right. That’s our goal."

  3. Molitor did say he thought Jose Ramirez's bat flip was "over the top." Francona & him talked about it. Was fine with Rosario yelling at him.

  4. Molitor said he and Francona talked after last night's game. Played together for parts of 2 seasons in Milwaukee. https://t.co/Eb0OQTyawP

  5. With Brantley out, Francona said he liked Kipnis in three hole. But, said Ramirez leading off isn't "totally unrelated" to Wed's antics.

  6. Terry Francona says it is not a complete coincidence that Jose Ramirez is batting leadoff tonight, following last night's fireworks.

  7. Francona was asked if moving Ramirez to lead off was totally unrelated to last night's bat flip situation. https://t.co/M685ztUVYa

  8. Francona was asked if Trevor Bauer will have any pitch count limitations tonight: "Probably about 200," he joked. (I think)

  9. Francona, on Jose Ramirez's 9th-inning error: "The game can be humbling. I’m sure [the Twins] took a little extra satisfaction out of that.”

  10. Francona: Indians have asked Urshela not to play winter ball. Third baseman will spend part of his winter training in Fla. with Lindor.

  11. Biggest news from Terry Francona's pregame session: clubhouse workers unwrap each piece of gum that's in his bucket in the dugout.

  12. Ha. Francona said he never asked for his gum pieces to be unwrapped. Clubbies just started doing it on their own. https://t.co/fqWYufKm7A

  13. Good stuff from Terry Francona here on @DonOrsillo. D.O. was a close confidante of Tito. https://t.co/DRzh4AMnQI

  14. Good stuff here, as Terry Francona delivers a message for Don Orsillo. https://t.co/90jYo4pHTc

  15. Carlos Santana revealed he's been battling a lower back issue all season. Terry Francona was surprised Santana admitted it to reporters.

  16. Santana told reporters he's been bothered by back issue all year. Asked Francona not to make it public all season. Wanted to stay in lineup.

  17. The Red Sox saluted Don Orsillo after his final game. Terry Francona did too: http://t.co/TQ3QLMBz4m http://t.co/2GDcdntxU5

  18. Terry Francona, on Francisco Lindor: "This kid is Rookie of the Year."

  19. Francona, on Francisco Lindor: "This kid is Rookie of the Year."

  20. Theme of today's sit-down with Francona/Antonetti was young core players "taking ownership" of team, stepping up as leaders.

  21. Terry Francona said he's had to stop reading some things in terms of the AL ROY voting. On Lindor, "He's the rookie of the year."

  22. Indians manager Terry Francona looks at the sweep by the White Sox just before the trade deadline as the low point in the season.

  23. Antonetti said Francona/Mills have already started discussing that. Slow starts have killed CLE 3 years running. https://t.co/5LA3SQ4HJb

  24. WATCH: #Indians Manager Terry Francona Shares His Take On Upcoming Off-Season « CBS Cleveland http://t.co/u77Vu9DX3L

  25. Francona, on the July 23-26 home series that hammered a few nails into Cleveland's 2015 coffin: http://t.co/1qkdswVzpZ

  26. Here are some highlights from today's chat w/ Antonetti and Francona -- http://t.co/CK7IK2z61f #Indians

  27. Francona on Francisco Lindor: "This kid is Rookie of the Year:" http://t.co/YVc1ZpRiBm via @mlb http://t.co/5k0Zkz5Ckp

  28. Indians manager Terry Francona, on the frustration of the 2015 season: http://t.co/5ibCmeWwXn

  29. 'This kid is Rookie of the Year': Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona endorses shortstop Francisco Lindor: http://t.co/9VInVHmIcV

  30. Francona: Lindor is Rookie of the Year http://t.co/etIhsTDuKs http://t.co/CMLVZyoZTK

  31. Terry Francona is one of the worst at manager challenges http://t.co/BqzRWh8gD3 http://t.co/vPX4akqayi

  32. 3 years ago today: #Indians introduce Terry Francona as their new manager.

  33. What grade did Terry Francona, Chris Antonetti and coaching staff get? It's report card time for 2015 Tribe. http://t.co/r2hrML8Grs

  34. John Farrell said he communicated with Terry Francona "every single day -- every single day" during his treatment.

  35. Farrell said he heard from thousands of folks, Tito Francona "every single day." Even, he said, "diehard Yankee fans"

  36. At least Dipoto played, and I doubt Epstein told Francona where he should bat Pedroia and Papi. https://t.co/Q333rCZzEK

  37. Indians holding their offseason strategy meetings this week. Front office, Francona, coaches, player development group, scouts in CLE.

  38. Happy birthday from us and @Smuckers to two Tribe legends -- Tito Francona and Carlos Baerga! https://t.co/RKuXADSXrw