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    Best, Worst Cocky Athlete Moments

    by Scott Janovitz

    Whether you approve or not, cocky athletes have forever been a part of sports. In many instances, arrogance has led to downfall, either ending careers or giving life to unforgettably embarrassing mo... Read More »

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    The Most Fun Awful Teams in Sports History

    by Scott Janovitz

    It's often said that sports aren't all about winning and losing but about having fun as well. The problem, though, is that loss and fun are almost always conflicting, mutually exclusive notions... Read More »

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    Louis C.K. Buys Babe Ruth's Mansion

    by Dan Carson

    Imagine the last place on Earth Louis C.K. would ever feel comfortable. If you’re picturing a beach stuffed with old-money billionaires and children named "Kyler," you’ve ... Read More »

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    Best and Worst Curses in Sports

    by Colin Sylvester

    Last night Kevin Durant and the Thunder snuck by the pesky Memphis Grizzlies and into the second round of the NBA playoffs. That doesn’t mean KD isn’t still suffering from one of sport’s... Read More »

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    Are Days of the 700-HR Hitter Over?

    by Jason Catania

    This season brings the 40-year anniversary of the legendary Hank Aaron breaking fellow Hall of Famer Babe Ruth's all-time home run record. In fact, April 8, 1974 —40 years ago today—is the exact... Read More »