TNA News: Jay Lethal and Jeremy Buck Take Swipe at TNA, Jeff Jarrett Swipes Back

Gone Baby GoneContributerDecember 5, 2011

It's not terribly surprising these days to see former employees taking shots at their ex-employers.

However, in the wrestling world, it seems to be more public and personal.

Over the weekend, reported that not one, but two former TNA wrestlers voiced their opinions about the company. One was a star for the X-Division and helped build the company with his witty gimmick and promos. The other had a cup of coffee and was on his way.

The first, Jay Lethal, had a shocking dismissal from TNA.

After he was let go, Lethal headed to Ring of Honor and has been a mainstay ever since. During his time with TNA, he had some amazing X-Division matches and one of the best promo feuds ever with Ric Flair.

Sadly, after six-plus years, TNA decided it no longer needed Lethal's services.

After wrestling for ROH over the weekend, Lethal took to his Twitter with the following comment:

"Today just Proved that more people recognize me from Family Feud, than my 6+ year run in TNA."

This little quip did not go unnoticed, as both Jeff Jarrett and head of talent relations Bob Ryder responded to Lethal.

Ryder tweeted:

"Maybe so....but it was a TNA themed week on Feud, so........ :)"

Jarrett followed that up with:

"Exactly! Moronic would be an understatement..."

Seems like Lethal may have landed himself in some hot water with his former bosses. However, he was not the only one with something to say.

Jeremy Buck decided to post the following on his Facebook page:

"I watched TNA last night.... I guess God only knows why and wow. The tag division consist of only 3 teams now or what? We got out at the right time for sure."

You may remember Buck as one half of Generation Me. Unfortunately, they were never really given the platform that ROH gave them as The Young Bucks.

So, once they saw the writing on the wall, they decided to part ways with TNA.

Obviously, TNA has its critics, and there is more than one disgruntled ex-employee. However, sometimes the wrestlers fall out of favor due to a change in the company or the wrestlers' attitudes toward change.

Who knows what really happened in either case?

One thing's for sure: Both Lethal and Buck may have ruined any chance of return.


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