WWE News: Sin Cara Shirt Debacle; Is That Really What I Think It Is?

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 27, 2011

The image in question
The image in question

In a year that has brought us several funny moments, this one may take the cake.

For those of you who have been clambering for the WWE to release a Sin Cara t shirt, your time has come. However, you may have to wait until they clean it up a bit.

Somehow, someone in the WWE's graphics department overlooked or purposefully placed what appears to be male genitalia in the design.

According to prowrestling.net:

WWE has released a new Sin Cara t-shirt that appears to inadvertently phallic. You can view the image at wweshop.com/item/sin-cara-goteo-de-oro-t-shirt/Cross-Sell/01-1481

Sadly, someone at WWE HQ has since realized the error and the item is no longer available for purchase.

Come on, WWE. Where's your sense of humor?

You may remember, earlier this year, TNA botched Rob Van Dam's t shirt. The logo should have read "RVD." Instead, it read 'RDV." TNA also had to pull the shirt and replace it to make up for the mistake.

Don't get me wrong, that pales in comparison to WWE's mistake.

Needless to say, if you were one of the lucky few that purchased the Sin Cara shirt online, you may never see it. However, if you did manage to land one, pat yourself on the back. This rarity should definitely be worth something in the future.

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