1. Oops I have it. I took it out fast bc it's my fave lol Every night in my night time face ritual https://t.co/gFE0qKDH6A

  2. Tomorrow night the #WorldTitleSeries Group Round comes to an end and the #Roundof16 is revealed! https://t.co/GhLIOTZ1gs

  3. Do I seem just a little obsessed for @josie_maran Argan products? Especially during this cold weather! https://t.co/CxpDqCReyo

  4. At burger place for lunch and @realjoshmathews tried ordering grilled ckn w/ lettuce in place of bun. I don't think so, bro!

  5. The pre-sale for our Bethlehem events starts tomorrow! Follow @TNADixie to get the exclusive code for tickets! https://t.co/HG677lZgMD

  6. #WorldTitleSeries Group Round Action Concludes Wednesday on IMPACT https://t.co/zudVEhDqJL https://t.co/HOUBncKuvE

  7. A huge week of @IMPACTWRESTLING coming in January https://t.co/EsbxVzjTOc

  8. Not vegan... It's too hard. I'm a carnivore at heart but I like vegan dishes and eat them as often as I can if yummy https://t.co/2UHdgfPx18

  9. I don't eat Dairy no. Food allergy https://t.co/1U2TrUH6WI

  10. The new year with @impactwrestling starts in Bethlehem PA!!! Can't wait to see you all Jan 5-9th https://t.co/rjjvjmW0Qa

  11. Bethlehem, we're coming baaack! This time we're bringing our friends at @PopTV with us!! https://t.co/PjOTznp48V

  12. We are LIVE on our @PopTV PREMIERE in Bethlehem PA Jan 5 5-9 January - 5 BIG NIGHTS OF @IMPACTWRESTLING TELEVISION! https://t.co/p4oiCzDpHf

  13. Bethlehem events pre-sale starts Wednesday. I will give you the code Wednesday morning. Stay tuned... https://t.co/Qo7V9M5EDJ

  14. BREAKING: IMPACT returns to Bethlehem PA Jan 5-9, 2016, including LIVE debut on @PopTV Tickets on sale this Friday! https://t.co/iQHLYAhZF9

  15. #WorldTitleSeries Group Round Action Concludes Wednesday on IMPACT! https://t.co/zudVEhDqJL https://t.co/9rrZ1f05vt

  16. IMPACT Preview for this Wednesday's #WorldTitleSeries Week 8 https://t.co/vC4Db2PXMo https://t.co/GG1wxZXByj

  17. UK! Get ready for a MASSIVE edition of IMPACT on @ChallengeTV at the top of the hour!

  18. Me!!! I'm in England so I get to watch too! https://t.co/lUSRk7WvCh

  19. She looks ready to be a future champion!  https://t.co/nDSKlNzJJj

  20. As always!! They're the best  https://t.co/KpSKZnfixo

  21. #Showmasters #newcastlefilmandcomiccon2015 made me the Empress of the Galaxy! https://t.co/oUov8iGdeb

  22. #HottyToddy nation celebrating a big win over LSU. Congrats @OleMissFB @CoachHughFreeze @RossBjorkAD. How proud you make us all!!

  23. Dear OSU haters (@realjoshmathews) ...we won 20+ straight games. Lost by 3 to a rly good team tonight. Relax LoL! 

  24. Popular Alt Rock Band @ChasingCadence To Perform at TNA UK Tour Events https://t.co/Xl6y9zkMdF https://t.co/ImuHIFeU3o

  25. Yes thanks!! Fun Q&A  https://t.co/dHSsMgOQOr

  26. You know how to cook. In my book, that's waaaay better  https://t.co/KoUq70t581

  27. Thanks @Forbes for the great article on @IMPACTWRESTLING & @PopTV. https://t.co/crRnQYzRB3 @Donald_Wood

  28. Yay come see us at Newcastle Film and Comic Con. Just got here!! https://t.co/r4TaAH2in6

  29. Staring my @whitewithstyle products tomorrow! So excited to share the results! Promo code "mrayne" for a discount!! https://t.co/Ag790DRVX1

  30. Congrats to @PJPOLACO as he retires from wrestling tonight. 

  31. Well, my hair is brown, stupid. And then there's the fact that your face can't be fixed by health and muscles ✌️ https://t.co/MLqC8OkCWj

  32. Great crowd to see @RealKurtAngle and @JeremyBorash tonight in Leicester! Who is ready for the UK tour in Jan? https://t.co/5xiVQfAlWO

  33. IMPACT Preview for this Wednesday's #WorldTitleSeries Week 8 https://t.co/vC4Db2PXMo https://t.co/vRsBsiSHkz

  34. Haha! Thanks  it's for a good cause ❤️ https://t.co/T6hRSNM5Ej

  35. Even their lobby says it all!!! @poptv #AllAboutTheFans #ImpactOnPop #TuesdayNightImpact #Jan5th https://t.co/PidOLzz6yT

  36. Donations all go to @rirvinefound 100% of proceeds ❤️ https://t.co/Oe5YLHcrMD

  37. Sitting down with @realjoshmathews to discuss #ImpactOnPop. See it tomorrow on @impactwrestling.com https://t.co/Cl0AD2b6X5

  38. Umm, pretty sure you were helping me learn to fly. #BirdPlaneMadisonRayne ✈️ https://t.co/EkjcnVdeBL

  39. It's a shame when people can't take responsibility for their actions. Sorry guys, I won't be at the Big Event with @VelVelHoller in March.