1. It was amazing. Food, service and ambiance on point! https://t.co/RBYvIlupWZ

  2. Omg that is horrifying and now I don't wanna eat anything https://t.co/E0PtiJtEE7

  3. #ICYMI - @MATTHARDYBRAND shocking announcement. Full video - http://t.co/F8NOwLeD1a World Title update tomorrow! http://t.co/jMr2ZWrTsW

  4. Pope's birthday surprise... https://t.co/au7SQMjYP5 http://t.co/hud1vmLSQw

  5. Can't believe this is happening to @matthardybrand - hopefully we'll have more questions answered tomorrow on IMPACT http://t.co/z0rUakteMt

  6. Tough call by Matt. What a true champion though, not complaining, just handling business.  http://t.co/wlEWakiTto http://t.co/lNzpn71vfF

  7. Just came for dinner at @Dodgecitysteak to revisit one of @Rest_Imposs makeover from 2011! What a HUGE success. Everyone should be proud 

  8. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes today. It means so much. Love you guys.

  9. Matt Hardy’s (@MattHardyBrand) official statement about the future of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship - http://t.co/dEFLeZTBCR

  10. Matt Hardy makes shocking announcement about TNA World Heavyweight Championship. http://t.co/F8NOwLeD1a http://t.co/sbgS3RYe2s

  11. Can't wait for everyone to see this new version of #restaurantimpossible on @foodnetwork https://t.co/Vv3wGAzlat

  12. REPORT - TNA Officials just learned the first available court date in @EthanCarterTNA/@MATTHARDYBRAND injunction case. More to come...

  13. I think throughout all the years, he more than earned a shot lol https://t.co/2znHTdfKsH

  14. Love all the healthy options! Keep it up  https://t.co/8hQG4L0jz1

  15. Four hours to go http://t.co/f4CNNq28oH

  16. ARTIST RENDERING EC3 on Mon acquiring injunction against @MATTHARDYBRAND. Courtesy - Seventh Circuit Court http://t.co/g0xTIqtzBp

  17. REPORT - @EthanCarterTNA has been fined an undisclosed amount for his assault on TNA executive @JohnGaburick at #BoundForGlory

  18. We are taking a break from our meetings. This @EthanCarterTNA injunction has handcuffed this company. I want to fight it.

  19. EC3/MATT HARDY INJUNCTION UPDATE: Details of injunction revealed http://t.co/34fzFusGUK http://t.co/F9ADGBgIhx

  20. REPORT - @MATTHARDYBRAND celebration planned for Wed 9/8c on #DestinationImpact postponed indefinitely due to @EthanCarterTNA injunction

  21. NEWS: EC3 Obtains Injunction Against @MATTHARDYBRAND https://t.co/BNjyiweTAL http://t.co/lwDlDxmNUt

  22. I just watched it too!!! Loved it https://t.co/Ym7ZhzhyX3

  23. NEWS: @TNADixie comments on @EthanCarterTNA injunction against @MATTHARDYBRAND and @IMPACTWRESTLING http://t.co/wZ9YiuA5aj