1. Let's see. Gotta get past @TigreUnoTNA first https://t.co/gUs1RosiIH

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  7. In other news... The hand that feeds you folks. You know the rest... ✋

  8. These match ups in the #Roundof16 are awesome. Can't wait to see who moves on. #WorldTitleSeries https://t.co/nLqPKcnBBJ

  9. #Roundof16 matches have been revealed and the competition looks intense. Don't miss it all on IMPACT next week! https://t.co/SYo8ABQ6kG

  10. Your friends have all spoken. Night! @RebelTNA https://t.co/3mcZhWBP7C

  11. What about me? I love me some Thea tooooo❤️ https://t.co/iPBNT5vodE

  12. Congratulations to @fightbobby! Moving on to the #Roundof16 in the #WorldTitleSeries! https://t.co/5dpajaV6Ya

  13. Congrats to @fightbobby! He takes the last spot. The Round of 16 has been officially decided. #WorldTitlesSeries https://t.co/Ta7FFVfK8N

  14. Should @RebelTNA go to bed?

  15. Always so good to see @TheaTrinidadTMT on @IMPACTWRESTLING 

  16. Main Event Time! @AustinAries faces @fightbobby NOW on IMPACT! https://t.co/85dJGtcvA4

  17. MAIN EVENT: @AustinAries vs. @fightbobby... Both hard to beat. Who do you think will move on? https://t.co/FZpWwBuZno

  18. I second this! https://t.co/eHH0nj3nXY

  19. Translation: "I can't sell my stuff so I'm desperate to give it away." -Rebel #truth https://t.co/skBcBUUCfK

  20. A machine. A great man in and out of the ring! @RealKurtAngle honored to work with him everyday https://t.co/wTDqHrJ12V

  21. So many people have qualified for the Round of 16 tonight and one more to come from #GroupChampions. #WorldTitleSeries

  22. Congratulations to @KennyKingPb2 moving on to the #Roundof16 in the #WorldTitleSeries!

  23. Quick win for @KennyKingPb2. He joins @MahabaliShera in the Round of 16. #WorldTitleSeries https://t.co/LtmZYkl1TP

  24. Group Wildcard action now on IMPACT! @steveofcrazzy vs @KennyKingPb2 on IMPACT! https://t.co/6QCWVinwvb

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  26. Moving on to the #Roundof16 in the #WorldTitleSeries... @RichardsWesley! https://t.co/MpwurrneQG

  27. Congrats to @RichardsWesley! He joins @MATTHARDYBRAND in the Round of 16 for the #WorldTitleSeries https://t.co/bFy1CfVj3j

  28. Group Tag Team Specialists on display now on IMPACT! Here comes one of the best, @RichardsWesley! https://t.co/vwnRZ96OUP

  29. He's ready! @RobbieEImpact has to get through @RichardsWesley now on IMPACT! https://t.co/OXuMqM3kVI

  30. Group Tag Team Specialists on display now on IMPACT! Here comes on me of the best, @RichardsWesley! https://t.co/g78jNTK1nZ

  31. #GroupTagTeamSpecialists in the ring now. @RobbieEImpact vs. @RichardsWesley for the last spot. #WorldTitleSeries https://t.co/qr35Vl4I5b

  32. "Jealous" b/c you're giving your autograph away? No, sweetheart. People pay top dollar for M Rayne autos. #Duh https://t.co/HPeQxWOpEC

  33. LOVE seeing @RealKurtAngle spreading the word about the UK #MaximumImpact 8 Tour this January! https://t.co/jgiuTUviH7

  34. The #WorldTitleSeries continues and things are heating up...NOW @IMPACTWRESTLING. @DestAmerica #DestinationImpact https://t.co/lhUciibJhV

  35. Coming up next... https://t.co/ejvokBa9aD

  36. Ummmm @IMPACTWRESTLING ...why this?! Anyone?! @SergTNAKOM? @ShopTNA? @brydertna?! https://t.co/eliwatM7Tv

  37. Moving on to the #Roundof16 in the #WorldTitleSeries... @MrPEC_Tacular! https://t.co/hat7B1L29R

  38. The finals spots in the Round of 16 for #GroupFuture4has been decided... @EliDrakeTNA and @MrPEC_Tacular advance. https://t.co/qxeBXFvDKX

  39. He's definitely not annoyed at waking up  https://t.co/AdOGT8QG7y