WWE: Jobbed Morrison, Diary of a Doghouse (Day 1), J-Mo Losing to R-Truth

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2011

Big Nasty will be keeping a running diary of what should be an epic losing streak/de-push of former WWE rising star John Morrison. 

Major heat on Morrison stems back to WrestleMania season, when Morrison infamously gave WWE Diva Legend Trish Stratus cold-shoulder treatment leading up to their WrestleMania 27 mixed tag team match. 


BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut, April 11 - With all loose ends tied up from WrestleMania season, this past week's edition of RAW was in many ways the first 'reset' RAW moving on from a lackluster WrestleMania 27 card. 

One of the calling cards of WWE's annual showcase of WrestleMania has been the creation of new stars, and never has that been more of a priority than in present day. 

John Morrison is one of select few young, up-and-coming stars who seemed to be in prime positioning to finally excel to the next level after years of scratching and clawing his way up the WWE ranks. 

However a history of backstage antics, combined with that shortcomings on the mic, has hindered a substantial push for a wrestler who many have compared to Shawn Michaels.

John Morrison has shown displays of questionable judgment dating back to when his name surfaced on a list of clients of Signature Pharmacy during a steroid bust back in 2007. 

Morrison received a 30-day suspension due to his name being linked to a cocktail of performance enhancing drugs. 

Morrison's questionable decision making was also illustrated a year earlier in 2006 when Morrison allegedly condoned his longtime girlfriend's (WWE Diva Melina) affair with former WWE Superstar Batista, only to take her back after the adulterous relationship like a sixth-grader purchasing the community bicycle. 

Given Morrison's aforementioned propensity of making head-scratching decisions, the suddenly beleaguered WWE star's most recent episode of career-hindering acts of defiance should come as a surprise to nobody. 

In a story that made the rounds during post-WrestleMania media coverage, Trish Stratus admitted in an interview with the Busted Open Satellite Show that she had received "cold shoulder action" from Morrison, as the two had been paired with Snooki to take on LayCool and Dolph Ziggler in a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 27. 

Said Stratus of John Morrison:

“I got a bit of cold shoulder action, correct. John Morrison himself is amazing. He’s a great athlete. I was really looking forward to working with him. I thought it would be cool if we could do some stuff together. He didn’t think it would be that cool. It happens. Hey whatever. It happens.

“You know he’s into his thing and just didn’t think that I should part of his thing I guess, but I still admire him as an athlete, as a performer. I think he does a great job out there.

“Cold shoulder? Yeah I felt it. I was shunned. Some people are not smart, maybe? You know they wrestle well, but maybe they’re not smart. I don’t know.”

Apparently somebody had gotten it into Morrison's thick skull that Trish Stratus (and Trish Stratus only) was taking his girlfriend Melina's spot on the card, thus causing Morrison to act coldly towards Stratus in solidarity of his expendable girlfriend. 

Anybody with common sense of the pro wrestling product leading up to WrestleMania knows that Melina was nowhere near the top of the list when it came to WrestleMania slots for WWE Divas.

This very sentiment was furiously rhapsodized by the opinionated Sean Morley (formerly known as Val Venis) in a recent video blog. 

With Morrison able to somehow take Melina back after she performed reprehensible acts while the two were dating, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that she has some sort of inexplicable control over Morrison. 

It would be even less of a stretch to assume that the "somebody" who got in Morrison's ear was likely Melina herself. 

Sacrificing a sure fire post-WrestleMania push for the doghouse, Morrison became increasingly difficult to work with, reportedly rejecting all of Stratus' ideas for cooperative spots during their match as Morrison once again illustrated career-killing behavior that Stratus herself described as "not that smart." 

Following one last send-off for Stratus, in the form of a tag team match where Stratus and her good buddy Morrison were victorious on last week's RAW in Atlanta, the time had come for Morrison to lay claim to the cold unenviable, wooden, splintery spot in WWE's vaunted doghouse.   

Morrison has long since been a favorite of the Internet Wrestling Community as the personification of that guy who needs one serious push to become a breakout star. 

Above-mentioned events pertaining to Morrison's relationship with Melina, and other aspects of Morrison have contributed Vince McMahon being generally down on Morrison as a potential top babyface. 

According to former WWE creative writer John Piermarini regarding McMahon's thoughts on Morrison:

"Vince thinks John Morrison can’t kick anyone’s ass in a real fight, therefore he can’t be a top babyface. Morrison has the chance to take the ball and run with it, but he is running uphill." 

Despite such a lacking endorsement from the WWE Chairman, Morrison had received a steady push that made him one of the featured participants in WWE's 2011 Royal Rumble, where his parkour skills were showcased in an unforgettable spot during the high-profile Royal Rumble Match. 

Morrison's push, in spite of McMahon's opinion of him, seemed to be a very promising sign as he seemed to have been winning over influential backstage agents and officials. 

However, subsequently childish behavior displayed by Morrison has brought him right back down the totem pole, starting with this past week's edition of RAW. 

Things started off promising for Morrison, as he was front and center in the opening promo featuring top stars John Cena and Randy Orton

Following Morrison throwing his name into the hat with yet another underwhelming promo, fellow (competing) up-and-comer Dolph Ziggler made his way to the ring, armed with heat magnet Vickie Guerrero, followed by the resurfacing R-Truth. 

Despite Ziggler and Morrison being in the same boat as tremendous athletes lacking that "it" quality on the mic, Ziggler has had the edge when it comes to being a potential breakout star because WWE has paired him with the unmistakeably charismatic heel character of Vickie Guerrero. 

With heat on Morrison stemming from his actions during WrestleMania, that edge has grown about another mile.

The mystery guest RAW GM resolved the sudden quagmire of WWE Superstars' bid for the no. 1 contendership by orchestrating a gauntlet, where one wrestler would compete in a series of individual matches against four other combatants until one man was left standing. 

Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton started the gauntlet, with Ziggler gaining a surprising victory after Orton was attacked by the resurgent Nexus stable. 

R-Truth was introduced as the next competitor, and after a solid few minutes of action, it was eventually R-Truth who unseated Dolph Ziggler.  R-Truth's victory over Ziggler was followed up by a surprisingly (to the naked eye) clean victory over the suddenly expendable Morrison. 

After R-Truth disposed of Morrison, John Cena was introduced as the fifth and final competitor in the gauntlet, and he fought R-Truth to a no contest as the Miz (who had apparently grown sick of flubbing every line on commentary during the gauntlet) attacked both Cena and Truth with help from Alex Riley. 

As a result of the no-contest, both R-Truth and Cena were deemed the No. 1 contenders for the WWE Championship as the Extreme Rules main event will feature a triple threat match for the WWE Championship between R-Truth, John Cena and Miz. 

Lost in the subsequent headlines dominated by Edge's surprise retirement, was the surprise inclusion of R-Truth in a WWE Championship match.  Many were baffled by the decision to put the previously dormant and aging, yet popular, WWE Superstar in such a high-profile match. 

The answer for such a predicament lies in a WWE ring, with both of his cold shoulders pinned to the mat. 

Following Truth's head-turning inclusion into the WWE title picture, it has since been revealed that the spot was ripe for John Morrison before Morrison's actions leading up to WrestleMania. 

I had received a tip from a highly reputable source earlier in the day, that Morrison was in for a "big job" on RAW. 

Judging by WWE's notoriously harsh punishments when one garners doghouse heat, it's safe to assume that this will not be Morrison's last big job. 

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