WWE Extreme Rules: R-Truth in the Main Event? Really...Really?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IApril 12, 2011

If you have read one wrestling article on the Internet in the last three years, you'll know this theme: We are tired of the same people in the title picture.

So I'm pretty sure we all nearly had an aneurysm when John Cena's music started off Raw, followed by Randy Orton entering the ring.

I texted a few friends of mine saying that if Cena and Orton face the Miz in a triple-threat match:

A) I will no longer watch wrestling because there is no hope.

B) I will break my TV in half out of anger.

Then, John Morrison saved us all as he came out to interrupt.

As much as I appreciate Morrison's in-ring ability, his mic work still has not improved, even though everyone with a forum has complained about it. (And as most reports suggested, Morrison is in the WWE doghouse, so there was little hope that he would become the No. 1 contender.)

Next, Vicki Guerrero interrupted Morrison to add Dolph Ziggler to the mix.

So far, I have no real issues. These are all players I expected to be involved (with Triple H and CM Punk notably missing).

And then...

Wait for it...


Are you kidding me?

R-Truth, the same guy that called Milwaukee "Green Bay," and wasn't even on the card at WrestleMania, is going to come out? He hasn't been seen on Raw in weeks.

Yes, he was in the Elimination Chamber, and yes, there is more time for mid-carders now that we are past WrestleMania, but R-Truth?

As the Miz would say,"Really...Really?"

What is his line going to be to the other four men? "I used to be K-Kwik?" "I can mumble the words and then yell, 'What's Up!?'"

I honestly almost had a heart attack when R-Truth came out, mainly because I was hoping to see Triple H or CM Punk come out next.

(Fast forward to about an hour-and-a-half later.)

We had just witnessed the dramatic retirement of Edge, and now they're attempting to determine the No. 1 contender for the WWE title.

The crowd clearly was still stunned at the news, and wasn't fully focused on the action in the ring.

Creative needed to bring the crowd back, so what did they do? They had Nexus attack Orton, and had R-Truth cleanly beat Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison.

That's not exactly what I would have done.

Then, "Super Cena" comes to the ring, where there was a better chance of me becoming a woman than him losing cleanly to R-Truth.

The cameraman gave away that the Miz and Alex Riley would interfere because he caught Riley tapping the Miz on the shoulder to give him the cue to run into the ring.

After the Miz and A-Ry attacked Cena and R-Truth, the Raw GM announced that there was no No. 1 contender.


What a shocker! (Sarcasm, my friends.)

Extreme Rules' WWE championship match will be the Miz vs. John Cena vs....R-Truth?

While we all complained over and over again that we were tired of seeing Cena in the title picture, this is not what I had in mind, and I don't think it's what any of you had in mind, when we said someone new needs to be involved in the title picture.

Why not throw Primo falling off the top rope into the mix, and make it a fatal four-way?

I guess the lesson that we all learned is: Be careful what you wish for in the IWC, because Vince McMahon and WWE Creative will make it happen, but screw you in the end and make you wish you had just Cena or Orton in the match to begin with.


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