A 2009 New York Giants' Schedule Breakdown

Steve ChottCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 02: Kenny Phillips #21 of the New York Giants in action against the Dallas Cowboys during their game on November 2, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

As another way to prepare for this upcoming New York Giants' season, I will be taking a look at the schedule the Giants face this year.

I'll give a little breakdown of each game, and give a predicted winner for each game.

Week 1 vs. Washington Redskins

The Giants started off the 2008 season with a 16-7 win over the Washington Redskins. For the 2009 season, the Giants look to do the same thing.

The big addition in Washington this offseason was defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth will try to stop the running game of the Giants, but I think the Giants' running game will help lead them to another Week 1 victory.

Last year, Brandon Jacobs rushed for 116 yards on the Redskins' defense and he could very well do it again in this season opener.

Winner: New York Giants (1-0)

Week 2 @ Dallas Cowboys

The Giants are lucky enough to catch the Dallas Cowboys in the first ever game in their new billion dollar Cowboys' stadium.

That of course means that the stadium will be packed, and the Cowboys will have the momentum and noise of the stadium on their side.

Even though I am not fond of the new Cowboys' offense without T.O, I think that they will come away with a victory in this game, to open up their new stadium.

Winner: Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Week 3 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coming off the loss to the Cowboys, I think the Giants will win this game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rather easy.

A matchup everyone will be looking forward too is the Giants defense against new Buccaneer and old Giant Derrick Ward. In this matchup, I think Ward will find that the defense he used to work with is a defense he would rather be with and not against.

Winner: New York Giants (2-1)

Week 4 @ Kansas City Chiefs

By Week 4 we will all know whether Matt Cassell is for real or not. As of right now though, Cassel is still the great QB he was with the Patriots last year.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a rebuilding team with a new coach and quarterback.

Just like in Week 3, I think the Giants will dominate the Chiefs and get another win.

Winner: New York Giants (3-1)

Week 5 vs. Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey to help improve the offense. But still, this offense isn't real good. And against a defense as strong as the Giants, it will be very tough for the Raiders to put up points.

Jamarcus Russell isn't getting visibly better, and Darren McFadden still hasn't lived up to the running back he was supposed to be. Will Heyward-Bey end up like him? The future will decide that.

Winner: New York Giants (4-1)

Week 6 @ New Orleans Saints

Kind of like Darren McFadden, Reggie Bush still hasn't lived up to everything he was expected to be. But regardless, this team is led by Drew Brees coming off a great season last year.

I think Brees will have a great day against the Giants, leading the Saints to a win.

Winner: New Orleans Saints (4-2)

Week 7 vs. Arizona Cardinals

In Week 7 the Giants have a date with the the NFC champions from last year. The passing attack of the Arizona Cardinals is their strong point, with Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin.

I think this one will be a pretty easy game for the Giants, winning by a touchdown or two. Brandon Jacobs will probably have a big day against the Cardinals.

Winner: New York Giants (5-2)

Week 8 @ Philadelphia Eagles

In the first game of the season vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants will have a rough time in Philadelphia. The Eagles are going to be the biggest problem for the Giants in their quest for another NFC East title, and I think the Giants will lose this one.

By Week 8, Michael Vick will be back for the Eagles. Even though we aren't sure how the Eagles will use him yet.

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)

Week 9 vs. San Diego Chargers

San Diego is an interesting team. They play in a weak division, and should run away with it. But I am not sure how good this team really is.

I think LaDainian Tomlinson will bounce back this year, but the Giants' run defense will shut down the offense of the Chargers.

Winner: New York Giants (6-3)

Week 10, BYE

Week 11 vs. Atlanta Falcons

I personally think that Atlanta will be one of the best teams in the NFC this year. Possibly representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. They have a very good offense, with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and the addition of Tony Gonzalez.

Winner: Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

Week 12 @ Denver Broncos

Last season, this would have been a great game. But Denver is nothing like what it used to be. Jay Cutler is gone and by Week 12 Brandon Marshall could very well be gone too.

I don't have much faith in Kyle Orton playing QB against the Giants, and I don't see him leading them to a win.

Winner: New York Giants (7-4)

Week 13 vs. Dallas Cowboys

In the first matchup between these two teams, I have the Cowboys taking the game to open up their new stadium.

But this time, the Giants are at home and I see things going differently. I think the Giants' defense will cause trouble for the Cowboys, even though Romo has traditionally put up good numbers against the Giants. He missed the first game against the G-men last year, though.

Winner: New York Giants (8-4)

Week 14 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Just like with Dallas, I had the Eagles winning the first game against the Giants. And just like the Cowboys, I have the Giants winning the second game against the Eagles.

They are very similar teams when you look at it. Strong defenses (even though the Eagles are slowly falling apart due to injuries), alright QB's, a strong reliable RB with a young guy who isn't yet fully proven himself (LeSean McCoy for the Eagles and Ahmad Bradshaw for the Giants).

It will be a very close game between these two, but I have the Giants taking this one. In a close game, I have to go with the home team.

Winner: New York Giants (9-4)

Week 15 @ Washington Redskins

Unlike the other division foes, I think the Giants will sweep the season series with the Redskins.

In this tough division, the 'Skins are probably the weakest team. In Week 15, they will probably be out of the playoff race.

I think the Giants will just be too good for the 'Skins to handle, for a second time in the season.

This would also make the Giants 4-0 against the Redskins in the past two years, as they also swept the seasons series with them last year.

Winner: New York Giants (10-4)

Week 16 vs. Carolina Panthers

Last season the Giants played the same two teams in the final two games of the season. Carolina and Minnesota.

The Giants won last year's game in overtime 34-28 to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and also beat the Carolina Panthers in the first game of this year's preseason 24-17.

I think the Giants will take this one again, leading to their fifth-straight win.

Winner: New York Giants (11-4)

Week 17 @ Minnesota Vikings

Like I said earlier, the Giants played Minnesota in Week 17 last year too. They lost that game for the most part because they played their backups, while the Vikings still had all their starters in to try to win a playoff spot.

The winner of this game still depends on if the Giants have the division wrapped up, which realistically might not happen because of how strong both the Giants and Eagles are.

Winner: New York Giants (12-4)

So, according to my schedule breakdown I think with this talent and schedule the Giants can go 12-4. I think this 12-4 record will be enough to win the Giants the NFC East.


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