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  11. Death.... Taxes... #buckeyes

  12. A football game has broken out in Charlottesville.

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  25. If this wasn’t potentially Frank’s last game I’d have flipped the channel a while ago. #hokies #unwatchable

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  28. Morris (Ribs) Practices Wednesday

  29. Giants in the past have taken the train for road games vs. the Redskins, but they are flying there this afternoon.

  30. As expected, C Weston Richburg (ankle) did not make the trip with the Giants and won't play vs. Redskins, Dallas Reynolds the replacement.

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  41. #NYGvsWAS

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  57. Only about a quarter of the players from the Redskins’ 2012 division title run are around to try this time. https://t.co/zAzbiDR3FR

  58. Culliver's Defensive TD Negated by Awful Call

  59. Hatcher Suggests Team Name Why WSH Doesn't Get Calls

  60. Heartbreaking story. Handled with so much grace by Carr family. https://t.co/Sc35yIdxbb

  61. Source says on Chris Culliver illegal hit that "not every correct call results in a fine. It was determined to be a correct call."

  62. Rushing Game Problems Are Potentially Fatal Flaw

  63. Gruden: 'We Got Socked in the Eye Pretty Good'

  64. Not even going to pretend to understand, but... https://t.co/JL0uIaLe1V

  65. NFL determined that Chris Culliver illegal-hit call against Panthers was correct, source says, but did not fine him for it.

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  72. Chris Culliver fined for unsportsmanlike conduct, not unnecessary roughness https://t.co/6A5WG0oVC8

  73. For crucial clash with Giants, Redskins are back at home, where they have played best https://t.co/WOWITiA6iU

  74. Gruden Makes Slick 1-Handed Catch on Sidelines

  75. INJURIES: Gruden says Trent Williams suffered a kneecap contusion, Jordan Reed an MCL sprain (he returned).

  76. Chris Culliver fined for unsportsmanlike conduct, not unnecessary roughness https://t.co/IXu6TgFk7N

  77. How damaged is RG3? If healthy I believe he is better. https://t.co/mzPAy7NXzG