1. What a play by McCoy. Good escape and throw on the run.

  2. Punches Thrown After Redskins-Ravens Scuffle

  3. Redskins CB Chris Culliver and Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. have been ejected from the game. #WASvsBAL

  4. Report: Redskins Ink OT Williams to $66M Deal

  5. Report: Griffin III Doesn't Think He Has Concussion

  6. Colt McCoy now in at QB for Redskins. Ravens starting D now all on the bench, done for the night. #RavensTalk

  7. Slippery McCoy!

  8. Redskins Need to Get Morris, Run Game Going

  9. RG3's Injury Leaves Door Open for Cousins

  10. More Questions, Drama for Robert Griffin III & Redskins

  11. Colt McCoy enters the game to lead the #Redskins' offense here in the second half. #WASvsBAL #HTTR

  12. Defense was fired up after forcing a fumble just before the half. #Redskins lead this #WASvsBAL matchup 14-... https://t.co/eCSgmzGBgV

  13. Redskins to Rest RG3 (Concussion) 1-2 Wks

  14. Breaking Down Redskins WR Corps

  15. Hall (Toe) Returns to Action vs. Ravens

  16. Asked at halftime about his exchange with #Redskins coach Jay Gruden, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said: "I have nothing to say about that."

  17. #Redskins, Ravens locked into a battle here in Baltimore. Here's your #WASvsBAL halftime stats. #HTTR http://t.co/X3EYGpikB8

  18. Kerrigan (Precautionary) Out vs. Ravens

  19. Cousins Confident in Ability to Overcome INTs

  20. Smith Using Lessons from Galette While Competing to Replace Him

  21. That's the half! #Redskins surge to take lead over the #Ravens. Two more to play. #HTTR #WASvsBAL

  22. Asked at halftime about his exchange with Redskins coach Jay Gruden, Ravens coach John Harbaugh told WBAL Radio:... http://t.co/OC3nWLJSzI

  23. What We've Learned Through Week 3 of 'Skins Preseason

  24. Redskins' Season Feels as If It's Already Begun to Rot

  25. The Twisted Tale of RGIII's Preseason Potential Concussion

  26. First downs: WAS 13, BLT 7. Yards: WAS 217 (190 passing, 27 rushing), BLT 167 (130 passing, 37 rushing).

  27. HALF: Redskins 14, Ravens 13. Fumble at the goal line on 4th down keeps Baltimore from scoring. #RavensTalk

  28. RG3's Health Remains Focal Point for Redskins

  29. Gruden Would Really Like It If You Stopped Calling Him Fat

  30. Baker appeared to force fumble. Redskins ball at the 1.

  31. #Redskins defense holds and bails out special teams to end the half. Chris Baker forced the fumble.

  32. Murphy Tops Options to Replace Galette

  33. Report: Several Redskins O-Linemen Dislike RG3

  34. Chris "Swaggy" Baker with the forced fumble on the carry at the goal line before ball crosses goal line! #Redskins' ball. #HTTR

  35. Buck Allen just got his welcome to the #NFL moment as he fumbles going across goal line. Redskins take over.

  36. Gruden: Redskins Are 'Used to Blocking Out the Noise'

  37. Report: Redskins, LT Williams 'Far Apart' in Contract Talks

  38. Chris Baker with the strip and the Redskins with a huge goal line stop.

  39. Redskins Defense forces the turnover at the goal line, and now it's halftime with Washington up 14-13.

  40. Griffin on Lions Game: 'We Just Had a Bad Outing'

  41. Gruden Confirms Galette (Achilles) to Miss Season

  42. At halftime, the #Redskins lead the Ravens, 14-13. Great stop by the defense at end of the quarter. #WASvsBAL #HTTR http://t.co/3EHnh22mKQ

  43. A clutch goal line stand by the defense keeps the Redskins up 14-13 at halftime. #RedskinsTalk

  44. Records & Milestones Most Likely to Be Reached This Year

  45. Another One Bites the Dust, but Redskins Are Equipped

  46. 103yd kickoff return for Asa Jackson to #Redskins two-yard line. Sure won't hurt Jackson's chance to win return job. #RavensTalk

  47. Jernigan goes down in first quarter vs Redskins http://t.co/gMhlTHxW3a #RavensTalk http://t.co/00rQvPHxHC

  48. How Will 'Skins Generate Pass Rush After Losing Galette?

  49. Griffin's Goal: Lead Starters to a TD Saturday Night

  50. Looks like Chris Baker knocked the ball out before runner crossed goal line. Skins recover;

  51. Settle down, people. I know the touchdown came against the second-team D. Griffin's fumble/concussion came against a second-team D as well.