Ryan Kerrigan Poses as Reporter, Asks Fans About Ryan Kerrigan

Brad Gagnon NFL National ColumnistJuly 30, 2013

Even with two-a-days a thing of the past and practices containing less physicality than ever, training camp is grueling. Most players hate it, because you're coming back from vacation and re-entering the world of conditioning and hard work smack dab in the middle of summer. 

But it's great for fans who get to come watch some top-notch football free of charge while enjoying a day in the sun, and it also offers up some fun moments. You get some good old-fashioned rookie hazing, as we saw with Ross Rasner in Denver earlier this week, and those rare, cherished moments in which you're reminded that these superstars are just like us.

For example: Ice creeeaaam! The ice cream man is coming

The guys at WashingtonRedskins.com also decided to have some fun when Mike Shanahan gave the players a day off on Sunday. Ryan Kerrigan might have led the 'Skins in sacks last season, but the 24-year-old is still rising and clearly isn't the most recognizable man on the roster just yet. 

So Kerrigan hit the streets of Richmond, Va., where the Redskins are holding camp for the first time, and posed as a reporter. In the process, his ego took a bit of a shot from one local kid before a rather serendipitous moment with a friendly blonde caused sparks to fly. 

Here's video of Kerrigan on the street, courtesy of the team's website: 

That would be a sick "how I met your mother" story.

Kudos to Kerrigan for his acting/reporting chops. The dude has plenty of big years ahead of him on the field, but it looks like he might have a future holding a mic, too. However, he could have quite a lot of competition on the roster, because we continue to discover that this team is loaded up with funny, outgoing and downright cool guys.