1. Ryan Kerrigan: Redskins stepped up to Jay Gruden’s challenge in win over Giants https://t.co/3307NLam6y

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. INJURY UPDATE: #Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan (hand) is downgraded to OUT for the game. #TBvsWAS

  4. Ryan Kerrigan up, Jordan Reed's blocking down in Redskins win https://t.co/LuOzBWyzSV

  5. Redskins vs. Giants Cousins & Kerrigan Press Conference

  6. Ryan Kerrigan gets credit for that Eli Manning "self" sack. #Redskins #Giants

  7. DE Ryan Kerrigan is just toying with RT Marshall Newhouse in this game.

  8. Ryan Kerrigan just ran by Marshall Newhouse as if Newhouse's feet were stapled to the ground.

  9. Ryan Kerrigan was around Marshall Newhouse before he was out of his stance.

  10. On 3rd and 9, Ryan Kerrigan whips Marshall Newhouse and gets the sack.

  11. DOWN GOES ELI. Ryan Kerrigan picks up a #BowlOfGravy. 4th & 15 for the Giants! #HTTR https://t.co/BJjmp1FKwg

  12. If Kerrigan is forced to miss time from his broken hand, who steps up into his role? More in Morning Clips. https://t.co/cgSvearJc8

  13. Kerrigan says he hopes to play in #Redskins vs. Patriots https://t.co/GFkaSxqg6o #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/el4v3fk9YY

  14. #Redskins @RyanKerrigan91 hopes to return to the field after bye week. More via @WashTimes: https://t.co/aO9e9eUKgS https://t.co/g9T6bJdZxi

  15. Need to Know: Ten #Redskins thoughts including Will Kerrigan play against the Patriots? https://t.co/LJyec6LkOO https://t.co/BrR7YV9P5g

  16. Daily Slop: D Hall says he's close to returning to the #Redskins lineup; Will Kerrigan play against the Patriots? https://t.co/2mI01wgGVI

  17. Looks like Kerrigan's padding on broken hand reduced to a fat glove. Using it some. Good signs. #Redskins

  18. Kerrigan is doing individual drills.

  19. LB @RyanKerrigan91 felt "pretty good" practicing with cast on, hopes to play Sunday: https://t.co/4NZUl1U8Nh https://t.co/iaY38V30LU

  20. I think Joe Barry let it slip that Kerrigan is definitely in for Sunday. #Redskins

  21. PHOTOS: #Redskins' OLB Kerrigan's surgically repaired hand still swollen https://t.co/S9L2HhIPpQ #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/BkO92M8dM6

  22. Kerrigan missed Brees. Had a clear path to him and came too wide. TD pass.

  23. Good 1st series from #Redskins defense. Got some pressure on Newton, including Kerrigan up middle on 3rd down. Forced 2 incompletions.

  24. Skins were able to get pressure on back-to-back plays there to force the three-and-out. Murphy and then Kerrigan. Good start for the defense

  25. Hatcher almost sacked Newton twice on the same play. Kerrigan finished it off.

  26. A BOWL OF GRAVY. Hatcher with the pressure, Kerrigan with the SACK on Cam. #HTTR https://t.co/PGuVI4yytV

  27. Ryan Kerrigan's sack was the first he's had in five weeks. That's 4.5 on the season now.

  28. Shows how strong Newton is. Kerrigan hit him, Cam shrugged it off. Persistence by skins, smith and Baker.

  29. Heartbreak Ryan Kerrigan with the sack on Cam Newton! https://t.co/T9OfsBnxp7 https://t.co/tipHBm8azo

  30. Ryan Kerrigan with the sack. Newton was under siege there. Last week we saw that a decent amount from #Titans.

  31. What an effort by Michael Hoomanawanui. Ryan Kerrigan comes unblocked, Hoomanawanui runs back to give Brees time.

  32. Hooman shoved Ryan Kerrigan just in time for Brees to step up in the pocket.

  33. Ryan Kerrigan, sagging #Redskins pass rush could've used Junior Galette, @ZacBoyer writes: https://t.co/xNqcUikIVi https://t.co/DsfHZleB1Y

  34. In his third true snap at RT, Stork lands a great block on Ryan Kerrigan. Brady then hits Edelman for 24. https://t.co/cgQw4NKmYT

  35. Another thing to watch is Ryan Kerrigan. Broke hand in week 7. Expected to play but he's really good with his mitts. Gotta be a hindrance

  36. Ryan Kerrigan, DeSean Jackson listed as questionable https://t.co/O4rqA7dcnV

  37. Sheard is also OUT for #Patriots. Edelman PROBABLE. Skins list Kerrigan, Culliver, Hall, Breeland as QUESTIONABLE

  38. No #Redskins ruled OUT yet for #WASvsNE: QUESTIONABLE: Breeland, Lichtensteiger, Culliver, Hall, Jackson, Kerrigan, K. Robinson.

  39. Culliver, Breeland, Hall, Kerrigan, Jackson, Robinson, Lichtensteiger all questionable for Sunday.

  40. Other Redskins injury updates: linebackers Keenan Robinson and Ryan Kerrigan are working; center Kory... https://t.co/FPWDgplsFr

  41. Hand looking pretty good as #Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan runs through drills at practice. https://t.co/h1z74USUOj