2013 NBA All-Star Game Turns into Chris Bosh Roast

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Chris Bosh is a very good basketball player, but he might not have the set of skills it takes to really put on a show at the NBA All-Star Game.

Actually, I take that back—Chris Bosh has exactly what it takes to make the All-Star Game entertaining. The only problem is that he's always going to be the butt of the joke the Western Conference guards are playing on him.

It wasn't once, but twice that guards dribbled through Bosh's legs. Chris Paul got the first one and Tony Parker did it the second time around. Oh, and he continually failed to find the rim when he was putting up shots.

Bosh was an absolute rag doll Sunday night in Houston, but he also brought a bit of the pain upon himself, especially when he's trying to play like a guard.

Never change, Chris. Never change.

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