1. WATCH: Chris Paul scores 18 points in the 1st quarter against Warriors https://t.co/Eci9IFnFw7 https://t.co/o0gFJf3hIp

  2. Paul on Struggles: 'We Have Never Been Like This'

  3. CP3 Crosses & Collapses the Stifle Tower

  4. CP3 Moves into 2nd Place on Clippers' All-Time Assists List

  5. DeAndre Jordan Slams Home an Alley-oop

  6. WATCH: Clippers' Chris Paul completes loses Klay Thompson, via @gifdsports https://t.co/hQnghh29cl https://t.co/a878dRZSnV

  7. Chris Paul already has his season-high with 25 points. Blake's right behind him with 23 tonight.

  8. CP3 w/ 27, Griffin w/ 23 and Rivers w/ 9 points. Clippers lead 83-72. 4:40 to play.

  9. Goldsberry: Chris Paul Is a Point God

  10. CP3 Becomes 4th-Fastest Player to Reach 7,000 Assists

  11. No timetable for Chris Paul and JJ Redick to return. "They're in limbo," Doc Rivers said.

  12. Chris Paul appears to be getting his right groin stretched on the Clippers' baseline.

  13. Chris Paul checks back into the game with 27 points, seven assists and four rebounds.

  14. 9-1 run from the Clippers, capped by a Chris Paul 3. Warriors got the Clippers' lead down to 1, now back up to 9

  15. Doc Rivers, CP3 Erupt at Ref After Griffin's Ejection

  16. Chris Paul (strained right groin) will not play

  17. Paul Dishes Beautiful No-Look Pass to Jordan for Slam

  18. If Chris Paul becomes more selfish, the Clippers become a contender. If he doesn’t, they stay behind GSW/SAS/OKC

  19. CP-THEEE!!! Puts the Clippers up 105-96 with 6:44 left in the 4th Q. #CP3

  20. Chris Paul apparently does not want to lose this game

  21. No comment from Chris Paul on Cuban's comments. "He has my number. He used to call me all the time when he wanted me to come to Dallas."

  22. Chris Paul amazing dribble move against Mavericks RT @UKhanNBA: https://vine.co/v/eY33njP96uM

  23. DJ on Reported Beef with CP3: If I Didn’t Like Him, I Wouldn’t Have Signed

  24. Chris Paul up to 33 points, eight assists, three steals. He's 12-of-17 from the floor.

  25. Great play by CP3, mostly on the steal and save. stupid delay of game on Blake, Hope it doesn't bite them

  26. Most Alley-Oop Dunk Combinations Last 2 Seasons Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan 52 Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan 47

  27. Six Demon Deacons on NBA Opening Night Rosters

  28. What If LeBron James Never Left Cleveland?

  29. Paul Ejected for Telling Ref Not to 'Talk to Him Like a Little Kid'

  30. Steph Curry and CP3 trading 3-point haymakers.

  31. Green complains he didn’t get an and-one call. CP3 and Crawford complain Green didn’t get a technical

  32. Watch: CP3's Assist Reminds Us Why He's One of the Best PGs

  33. How Do the Pelicans Avoid Brow Becoming CP3?

  34. Draymond stopped Blake one possession, Chris Paul the next

  35. The Warriors are going to survive 33 from Chris Paul and 27 from Blake Griffin - Steph Curry looking at 40 if he hits 1 more FT

  36. CP3 (Fractured Finger) Expected to Play Tuesday

  37. Chris Paul Says Clippers Will Miss Matt Barnes

  38. Clippers didn't need a 3 there, but Chris Paul turned down what looked like a clear lane. LAC doesn't score and the Warriors should survive

  39. Not sure you can play a better game vs. the Warriors than the Clippers did. CP3 and Blake were great. Steph had 7 turnovers. Didn't matter.

  40. Chris Paul Will Not Be Played by Adam Silver and NBA

  41. Paul Takes Hits in Stride, Clears Air with Jordan

  42. Only way Chris Paul can get back at Stephen Curry is to vote James Harden MVP in the all-important "Players Awards" for a 2nd straight year.

  43. Video: CP3 and Family Show Off Fancy Trick Shot

  44. CP3, Elfrid Show Off Skills on Gridiron

  45. CP3 put up strong numbers tonight despite the loss. https://t.co/Q9ZMeFcD3T

  46. Chris Paul said he came out of the game without re-injuring his groin.

  47. Deng, Chris Paul Share MVP Honors at NBA Africa Game

  48. For Superstar Chris Paul, His Time Is Now

  49. VIDEO: Clippers lost, BUT Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan did connect on a sweet alley-oop. https://t.co/Pe2R7jfA5J https://t.co/sGZjbQo2Yx

  50. Breaking Down Chris Paul and Blake Griffin's MVP Chances

  51. Chris Paul in South Africa

  52. Good morning. Giannis is shooting better from the field than LeBron and Curry and better at the line than Chris Paul and Bradley Beal.

  53. Jannero Pargo went down firing on a team that included Chris Paul, David West and Tyson Chandler. https://t.co/ixq4gjlkPs

  54. Doc joked and asked if he can put age down as an injury for Pierce. He said Chris Paul came out of last night fine.

  55. Ish Smith: 17 points, 12 assists off the bench. He's basically Chris Paul.

  56. CP3➡️DJ #TheLobTheJam on Fox Sports #PrimeTicket  https://t.co/pAP6J6QQkz

  57. DeAndre Jordan soars for alley-oop dunk from Chris Paul against Trail Blazers: https://t.co/a1ckQ3IpFq https://t.co/lK45WuZUQU

  58. WATCH: Chris Paul Throws Alley-Oop to DeAndre Jordan https://t.co/1kiAM1aZEs https://t.co/DFx2rKF5My

  59. VIDEO: Triple team can't stop CP3 from finding DeAndre Jordan for the OOP! https://t.co/B6b3gTzIoC https://t.co/rvjVWgWWz9

  60. Wondered if we'd see a bigger guy on CP3 for those switching situations in PNRs w/ Blake. Dame draws a charge on Blake that time.

  61. #Suns' wins so far this season: Portland (x2) Sacramento Clippers (w/o CP3 or Redick, & only 16 MIN for Griffin) Denver (x2) Lakers

  62. First time starting lineup this season - Chris Paul, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

  63. DeMarre Carroll just outscored CP3, Blake, DAJ, Pierce, J. Smith, Lance, Jamal Crawford, Austin & Wes Johnson combined 21-19 in first half