WWE: 5 Reasons Team Hell No Is the Best Thing in WWE Today

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIOctober 9, 2012

WWE: 5 Reasons Team Hell No Is the Best Thing in WWE Today

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    Team Hell No is the best thing going on in WWE today. By combining Daniel Bryan and Kane, the WWE has finally figured out the best combination for the tag team champions. It has also created one of the most unique and interesting storylines in the entire organization for years.

    Because of this, Daniel Bryan and Kane as Team Hell No will go down as a Degeneration X level storyline that people will remember for years to come. 

It Shows a Commitment to Rebuilding the Tag Team Division

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    By creating a tag team that is seemingly unbeatable and able to get the fans behind them, the WWE finally has someone to help carry the division.

    They are going to rebuild the division, but the Usos, the Colons (Epico and Primo) and the Prime Time Players aren't ready to hold or build the belts. So the WWE chose to give them to a pair of former world champions and give legitimacy back to the tag titles before they passed them along.

    By having the tag team tournament, the WWE finally shows it has the diversity and quality in its tag team division.

It Creates One of the Most Unique Tag Teams

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    Goat Face. The Devil's Favorite Demon. 

    Nobody would thought this pairing would have made sense originally. Especially with their combined history in the AJ Lee-CM Punk-Daniel Bryan-Kane quadrangle of doom from the summer.

    However, the matchup of these two talents gives a good ying and yang concept for the WWE fans to enjoy. Daniel Bryan is a vegan, a smaller wrestler and a complete technician who can carry a match. Kane is one of the best big men of all time and is all power with the darkest past of any wrestler not named the Undertaker.

    This doesn't scream "match made in heaven." But because of how well these two performers work together, it is easily the best tag team concept of the past few years.

It's Well Written and Hilarious Because of It

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    When the anger management skits first hit, most fans had no idea what these things were. It was interesting to see the random therapist come in and try and control these two angry souls and their focused anger towards a nobody named Harold. 

    Later on, we found out that Dr. Shelby was the key element to this team getting together. Now that the skits have been finished for a while and the team is well established, it's still interesting to look back and see how this infamous pairing got started.

    Their bond over watching Harold fall to the ground, the way they seem to trust each other while still hating each other and the final relevation of "I am the tag team Champions" has made this the best-written storyline in a long time.

They Are Faces, but They Don't Even Try to Be

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    Daniel Bryan is one of the best heels in the business. But with this, he is more of just the straight man of this comedic duo. He's the one who places the pins and puns up for Kane to knock down one by one. He's the Dean Martin to Kane's Jerry Lewis. The Billy Gunn to Kane's Road Dogg. And for that, fans have grown to love him.

    Kane is supposed to be a huge monster and one of the scariest people in the entire organization. However, he has become the comedic relief of the team with his one-liners that complement all of Daniel Bryan's setups. 

    In the end, every fan starts to scream, "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"

Most of All, It's Original

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    The biggest reason of all is the logic that it's an original storyline for once. While the rest of the WWE is looking at recycled storylines like CM Punk and John Cena or Big Show and a title holder, the Team Hell No storyline that involves an "Anger Management" type gimmick is new and fresh.

    By pairing one of the biggest, most sadistic superstars with one of the smaller, more technical superstars, the WWE has figured out the winning formula for a tag team. By giving them a comedic element, it has finally found a way to create a tweener tag team.


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