"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." - Jackie Robinson

Instead of going with the standard third person deal, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm originally from Atlanta and am a die-hard Falcons fan. I also went to The Citadel for college, but have since moved back to Atlanta. Here at Bleacher Report, I'm a Featured Columnist.

As a Featured Columnist, it's my job to cover the NFL, College Football, NFL Draft and Atlanta Falcons. I was also part of the Trends and Traffic team here at Bleacher Report. There I wrote about everything from Horse Racing to UFC to the NBA and even the English Premier League.

I've also completed the Bleacher Report University program and completed the Summer 2012 internship. It's an interesting experience in the Internship, but it's an awesome one and I'd recommend the internship to everyone.

I own the NFL Draft Website DraftFalcons and am the Editor-In-Chief there. I've been part of the Huddle Report's mock draft contest each of the past four years and have continually improved in the standings every year. I'm also the host of Falcons Central Radio with fellow Bleacher Report writer and FalcFans.com owner Aaron Freeman.

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  • Eddie B posted 150 days ago

    Eddie B

    We need more Falcon articles, Scott!

  • Andrew Hancock posted 334 days ago

    Andrew Hancock

    Check out Matt Chernoff's response to Roddy White's last tweet

  • Mitchel Thompson posted 338 days ago

    Mitchel Thompson

    that was possibly the worst draft ive seen, no offence

  • Evan Sigmund posted 377 days ago

    Evan Sigmund

    Great article on Falcons O line need, my Pick is Left Guard, Jackson out of Miss State. Good foot work, arms long enough, gets out on screens and swepts and is better than average pass protector.. check his bio out..

  • Kevin Williams posted 382 days ago

    Kevin Williams

    Please email this article to Thomas Dimitroff: The Definitive Blueprint to the Atlanta Falcons' Perfect Offseason

  • Mr Avon posted 398 days ago

    Mr Avon

    Scott Holmes sucks man he needs to go

  • Marc M posted 430 days ago

    Marc M

    No sweat keep up the great work man. To be a sports writer you probably have to have some of the thickest skin around. To deal with all these fans that always see their teams as the best team regardless reality lol I'm guessing its no walk in the park.

  • Marc M posted 432 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey Scott, great article about cutting Muschamp some slack. I can appreciate it because it's one I can admit I needed to read from an objective point of view. Never easy to have a season like this but with the cards he's been dealt, anyone would have a rough time but he's got our program head in the right direction for the long run. Anyways thanks, it was well written.

  • Tim Williams posted 433 days ago

    Tim Williams

    My favorite "unfollower" ever on Twitter. Give him any push back and he takes his ball and goes home. Just like the rest of us fans he's wrong as much as he is right. He just has far too much hubris to ever admit it.

  • Proto Man posted 445 days ago

    Proto Man

    Your obvious bias for, or against, certain teams and lack of knowledge on what you write is staggering. I can't believe BR allows you to write for them. I''ve been starting to see a large amount troll articles from this site lately, an obvious ploy to generate clicks, which in itself has lowered the integrity of the site to rock bottom, but you are the worst. Your junior high level writing and investigating skills make for a good laugh, but I actually used to respect this site. "Writers" like you have ruined BR, and its a shame to see a whiny little troll like you be the face of what has caused it to fall. You write about as good as your falcons play.

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