The 50 Most Hated People in Sports Right Now

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2012

The 50 Most Hated People in Sports Right Now

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    Dripping with talent and eccentricity, the sports world has become a melting pot of unique personalities.

    And within this boiling stew of diversity is a collection of naturally despised individuals, those who are just too obnoxious or pompous to be likable.

    From arrogant legends to cliche-filled analysts, these sportsmen continue to flood the athletic realm with filth of all kinds.

    Unclench those fists, widen those lazy eyelids and prepare to fill every crevice of sports disdain.

    Here are the 50 most hated people in sports right now.

    Try to avoid these cats in the lunchroom.

50. Chris Berman

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    Recycled catch phrases such as, "back, back, back, gone" and "he...could...go...all....the...way" continue to haunt sports fans around the nation. Thanks so-called Swami.

    But at least sportscaster Chris Berman's tyrannous nature is perfectly complemented by utterly ridiculous predictions and annoying cliches.

    We can't call him limited.

    Actually, yes we can.

49. Antonio Margarito

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    After being caught with plaster of Paris in his gloves before his fight with Shane Mosley in 2009, Mexican-American boxer Antonio Margarito gave the entire sports world reason to rub their chins in curiosity.

    Miguel Cotto did take quite the controversial whooping from Margarito. Hmm.

    The cement-esque hand wrapping seemed worthy of a lifetime ban. Although so does his classless nature

48. John Terry

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    This worldwide notoriety was caused by one fame-hungry WAG by the name of Vanessa Perroncel.

    After having an affair with teammate Wayne Bridge's former girlfriend, John Terry almost tore the Chelsea squad to shreds.

    But he might not be the only one who dabbled.

47. Mel Kiper Jr.

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    Predicting college drafts can be an endless, inefficient process; but Mel Kiper Jr. has made scripting late-round gems and astounding 40-yard dash times his specialty—or so he believes.

    His relationships with numerous agents have sparked doubts, and his picks always seem to be off.

    We've had enough already.

46. Nyjer Morgan

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    Beloved in Milwaukee, despised in every other area of the universe, Nyjer Morgan (known by his self-proclaimed alter-ego Tony Plush) has rarely strayed from antagonizing opponents.

    His arrogant, over-the-top celebrations and baffling interviews almost seem refreshing by comparison.

45. Raffi Torres

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    Whether it was a clean hit or not will always be up for debate, but Raffi Torres' lick on Marian Hossa certainly set the tone.

    A 25-game suspension set a stronger tone.

44. John Tortorella

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    Well we know Larry Brooks of the New York Times is raising his hand in approval right about now, but that's not what has New York Rangers coach John Tortorella cemented on this list.

    Few coaches (or players) whine as often as Torts. And while we respect the heart-on-his-sleeve approach, he may want to tone it down a bit.

    The league is certainly fed up.

43. Bryce Harper

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    A wunderkind in the baseball world, and a blossoming legend on paper, Bryce Harper traveled a quick path to the majors after being chosen with the first-overall pick of the 2010 draft by the Washington Nationals.

    A 502-foot home run during his teenage years shocked the world, but a misguided kiss blown at minor-league pitcher Zachary Neal provoked curious eyes from many.

42. Dan Marino

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    Ray Finkle isn't the only one who can't stand Dan Marino.

    He has an arrogance about him that can't be placed, but at least his freakouts are epic.

41. Mario Balotelli

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    Arguably the strangest individual occupying the sports realm, Italian footballer Mario Balotelli has essentially done it all.

    Driving into a women's prison in Italy, using his iPad on the substitutes' bench, breaking curfew...the list goes on for the enigmatic striker.

    But while certainly a headcase, Balotelli has elite fashion sense.

40. Roger Goodell

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    Many believe he's taken the fun out of football, for others it's the contrary.

    The polarizing figure who is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has built quite the angry following with his inability to make players' suggestions realities.

    Actions speak louder than words—think about that.

39. Georges St-Pierre

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    Sure he's defeated UFC legend Matt Hughes twice and defended his crown a record six consecutive times, but the French-Canadian mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre still irks even his most accepting followers.

    Some even consider him the most overhyped athlete in sports.

38. Drew Rosenhaus

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    Not only does he represent many NFL superstars, the maverick agent even believes the league would "fall apart" without him. Lofty claim indeed.

    Dodging questions about the T.O. controversy wasn't exactly honorable either.

37. Paul Pierce

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    During his early years, when the Celtics enjoyed more time in the cellar than the playoffs, Paul Pierce was an innocent star. Perhaps we even felt bad for him at times.

    But when connected with aging superstars Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, the flash-less forward began to inherit an arrogant air about him that brought plenty of disdain.

    His obtuse style only makes it worse.

36. Rex Ryan

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    Foot fetishes and failed Super Bowl guarantees have hurt Rex Ryan's initial savior-esque reputation.

    Some don't feel the head J-E-T-S coach can tone down his gluttonous tone.

    Others love him for it.

35. Bob Arum

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    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Any sports fan's dream. And the former's promoter seems to possess the capabilities to make it happen.

    According to Money Jr. himself, though, Arum refuses to make it happen.

    We're assuming greed is somehow involved.

34. Chael Sonnen

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    While he may be the biggest trash talker in the UFC, it's Chael Sonnen's disrespect of Anderson Silva and all who doubt him that has people fuming.

    Some believe he plays a character whose sole aim is to hype up fights.

    Either way, he always puts on a show.

33. Joe Buck

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    As dull as he sounds, commentator Joe Buck might be less nauseating to listen to than his NFL partner-in-crime Troy Aikman.

    Just kidding. Buck's monotone opinions continue to baffle us all.

    Honestly, we're just following Artie Lange's lead.

32. Brock Lesnar

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    After coming from the WWE to the UFC with a disrespectful, almost insensitive attitude and being given a title shot early in his MMA career (at only 2-1), Brock Lesnar became an easy target for most fans.

    Or maybe it's his daggerous ink that has people annoyed.

31. Colin Cowherd

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    Plagiarism accusations and fiercely ludicrous comments regarding Sean Taylor's break-in have rubbed many the wrong way.

    But in the end, placed next to voluptuous rebel Michelle Beadle, we all just can't stand Colin Cowherd's obnoxious nature.

    His last name is almost too perfect.

30. Scott Boras

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    As pure an agent as you'll find in sports, MLB player representative Scott Boras represents all that is seen as wrong in baseball.

    Behind Boras' negotiations, his superstar players rarely receive anything less than top dollar. But many resent his money-hungry ways.

    In the end, he's just putting food on the table.

29. Ben Roethlisberger

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    A nearly fatal motorcycle accident in 2006 and sexual assault allegations in 2008 and 2010 have seemingly flooded Ben Roethlisberger's two shiny rings. 

    The oak-like signal-caller is lethal on the gridiron, but has seen off-the-field issues cloud a potent repertoire.

    But we'll never question his winning nature.

28. Alex Ovechkin

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    Arguably the most skilled puck scorer currently perusing the planet, Alex Ovechkin is beloved by Caps fans and despised by others for essentially the same reason.

    His excessive celebrations clearly irk many, but Ovechkin's lyrical prowess can't be denied.

27. Ndamukong Suh

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    From among the most beloved to one of the questioned few, Lions defensive end Ndamukong Suh traveled quite the road to anonymity.

    A refreshing superstar during his rookie season, Suh then stomped Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith numerous times to tarnish his reputation.

    He continues to crawl back.

26. Ozzie Guillen

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    He was outspoken long before becoming the first Latino manager in MLB history to win a World Series, but Ozzie Guillen took it to a new level earlier this season when he publicly stated his "love" for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

    With his fanbase mostly Cuban, the comments didn't go over well.

25. Tom Brady

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    Good old Tom Brady, his glorious legend continuously scripted.

    Perhaps it's jealousy that sparks such ferocious hate from fans. Gisele Bundchen, three Super Bowl rings and a glamorous head of hair. His crinkled chin is icing on the cake for women around the world. 

    He might as well dominate the gridiron in fuzzy UGGs.

24. Cris Collinsworth

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    Something about his Ostrich-esque demeanor makes sportscaster Cris Collinsworth one of the slimiest professionals in sports.

    His slaughtering of jokes and repeating of cliches keeps listeners chucking remotes and Al Michaels staring into the distance.

23. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Some may call it jealousy, others resentment, but either way, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is loathed by many for both his flops and his playboy antics.

    Perhaps he's misunderstood. Or perhaps he's just living the dream.

22. Sean Avery

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    Arguably the most obnoxious instigator ever to approach a professional arena, Sean Avery has alienated teammates and garnered numerous enemies throughout his career.

    And fans despise him even more for his arrogance. Whispers of his retirement always kept us excited.

21. Terrell Owens

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    Appearing on Dr. Phil is seemingly rock bottom for the mercurial receiver referred to as T.O.

    Despite oozing talent, Owens never could shed the reputation of sulking cry baby that he owned throughout most of his career.

    He now finds himself crying for his quarterback on the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. A classy finish.

20. Mike Krzyzewski

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    With mostly private school, upper two-percent-of-the-population type kids, Duke has always been despised by opposing fans and oblivious passersby.

    But let's be honest, Dicky V is the one who truly kills it for us.

19. DeSean Jackson

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    Dripping with potential, Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson continues to cloud his progress with an attitude problem.

    One rookie mistake essentially set the tone for a flamboyant career on the gridiron.

18. Kris Humphries

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    If you think the disappointment surrounding Nets forward Kris Humphries has disappeared, think again.

    But hey, whoever makes a competent decision to marry Kim Kardashian deserves the worldwide boos.

    No worries, it'll blow over eventually. Remember, he used to be public enemy No. 1—sort of.

17. Nick Saban

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    Sure he ditched on the Dolphins after only two years in 2007 and tarnished his word, but Nick Saban earns this spot because of Forbes.

    No. 9 seems generous though.

16. Michael Vick

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    Dog-fighting convictions now flood this talented quarterback's legacy—a past he can't possibly escape.

    But as he rebuilds his career on the gridiron, whispers of disgrace subtly dwindle.

15. Tiger Woods

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    Many admire him, many more despise the man named Tiger for his failure as a once-perceived role model.

    As a golfer, he's perhaps the best ever. As a person—well he's only human (allegedly linked to at least nine women).

14. Tim Tebow

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    Regardless of what he does on the field, former Heisman Trophy-winning Gator Tim Tebow will always be scrutinized for his hardcore religious beliefs and allegedly-innocent nature.

    Shedding the controversial reputation will be a life-long goal for the good-hearted quarterback.

13. A.J. Pierzynski

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    Always at the center of physical controversy, A.J. Pierzynski boils hate in anyone who faces him.

    Blown kisses and occasional fights have given fans reason to get steamed, but the passionate catcher doesn't seem to care.

    A.J.'s just doing his thing.

12. Bill Belichick

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    A pompous aura continues to shadow Bill Belichick's legendary resume.

    The three-time Super Bowl champ has been associated with terms such as cheater and donkey's rear end, but never has he been called honorable (to our knowledge).

    Just something about him causes severely clenched fists.

11. Jerry Jones

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    Some know this radical owner for clashing with the league and other coaches every chance he gets, others for being an overly-passionate chatterbox with the resourcefulness of a dried up waterbug.

    With winning top priority in Dallas, fans can't be pleased with one playoff win in the last 13 years. For the rest of us, Jerry seems purely dollar-driven.

10. Kobe Bryant

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    His swagger bordering on arrogant keeps the cameras swarming. In the eyes of the media, Kobe Bryant is a legend.

    With success comes hate, but the future Hall of Famer never seems fazed.

9. Busch Brothers

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    With the love for Dale Earnhardt comes disdain for Kyle and Kurt Busch.

    The immature Kyle Busch driver continues to disrupt opponents on the track with aggressive moves, and avoid the media in the aftermath.

    And Kurt? Well, we'll let the statistics detail his reputation.

8. Alex Rodriguez

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    Whether it was because he was photographed staring at himself in the mirror or (allegedly) having an image of himself as the upper half of a Centaur in his bedroom, Alex Rodriguez continues to be despised by most.

    The salary-cap eating slugger has combined steroids and arrogance to form quite the head-scratching reputation.

7. Daniel Snyder

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    Seemingly a less effective Jerry Jones, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has been associated more with ridiculous overspending than he has with promise.

    Dana Stubblefield, Adam Archuleta, Brandon Lloyd, Albert Haynesworth...dare we detail the revolving door of coaches as well?

    Failure, plain and simple.

6. Sidney Crosby

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    Seen as a petulant cry baby, Sid the Kid has become the face of hockey and a target for chilled hate.

    While he's clearly a blossoming talent, Crosby should consider losing the superstar mindset.

5. Skip Bayless

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    Few gentlemen make such invalid, or perhaps contradictory, points as often as Skip Bayless.

    With ESPN First Take as his stomping ground, Bayless continues to frustrate, annoy and disrespect anyone he can. Except Tim Tebow of course.

4. Metta World Peace

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    Following his recent elbow to the blissful head of James Harden, Ron Artest (as we'd like to continue calling him) seemed unconcerned with his disgraceful actions.

    His disrespectful on-court antics have yet to subside since the notorious Malice at the Palace. So much anger sprouting from a failed music career.

3. LeBron James

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    Until he wins the all-desired Ring, LeBron James will be seen as a cowardly villain for his refusal to carry a less-talented team on his back.

    Oh wait, he did that for seven years in Cleveland, but taking the easy route to Miami wasn't quite the encore we had in mind.

2. Gregg Williams

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    As if this one needs further analysis, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has naturally tainted professional football with his shocking bounty program.

    But telling defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove to "play dumb" was a new low for the suspended assistant.

    Redemption is nowhere in sight.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    Arrogant can't possibly suffice in describing the money-hungry Floyd Mayweather.

    The undefeated boxer may be scripting his own legend, but he is garnering plenty of disdain along the way.

    Settle it down champ.