Oakland Raiders' Setback Causes a Bounce Back

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Oakland Raiders' Setback Causes a Bounce Back
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Some folks in the media believe that if Peyton Manning signs with the Denver Broncos, a response will rise up from the Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation. It's bigger than Peyton Manning.

The Oakland Raiders had a series of events in 2011 that caused a setback. Now it is time to muster up the passion, smarts, determination and energy to bounce back and make a comeback, returning to the dominance on the playing field in 2012. It is time for a take back of power and glory in the NFL.

Why not?

Let's call out the seeds of greatness in the Oakland Raiders. Let's believe that enough is enough of being at or near the bottom of the pile. Rise up, Oakland Raiders and reclaim the glory that belongs to you.

Now is the time to play ball because of your commitment to excellence and not necessarily because of your love for money. Love for what you do is more powerful than greed for what you get in dollars.

Let something great rise up and out of you. Hold on to the vision of greatness. Let me give you examples of holding on in other historical situations.

Hold on to your vision of victory like David held on and defeated his Goliath.

Hold on to your vision like a mother or father who holds on to a child when a storm is raging.

We believe the Oakland Raiders can bounceback from a setback and make a comeback to takeback their position of greatness in the NFL.

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Play football in 2012 because you are determined to return greatness to the Oakland Raiders. The revival of the Oakland Raiders will be a revival of the area in which the team resides.

I am impressed with Mike Brisiel. During the game on Oct. 9, he had a injury. Brisiel did not let that injury be a setback. He continued to play. Brisiel was playing with the Houston Texans at the time, but he was in a game against the Oakland Raiders a day after the death of Mr. Al Davis. During that game some remarkable things happened. Brisiel has the heart of a determined warrior. Now, he is an Oakland Raider and his pursuit of victory can spread amid his fellow players. Brisiel showed that he is not afraid to fightback. He is to be commended.

Brisiel brings that type of powerful determination to the Oakland Raiders. It's what the Raiders need, among other things.

Finally, let's be determined to witness the Oakland Raiders make a comeback and take back their position of greatness in NFL football.

Let's call out the seeds of greatness in each and every one who is a part of the Oakland Raiders. It's a team effort and the collective greatness can rise up, if we believe it. They can achieve it!

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