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  20. biggest question regarding Peyton Manning this week will be when will the cast come off. Either early or later in the week.

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  23. Kubiak said the biggest question for Peyton Manning is whether the cast comes off early this week or later in the week.

  24. Per @mortreport, Peyton Manning not expected to be healthy “anytime soon.” Maybe a month from a real Manning-Osweiler decision.

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  36. Benching Peyton Manning won't be unprecedented. Jimmy Johnson stuck with Steve Beuerlein in 1991 after Troy Aikman was able to come back.

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  43. Somebody in Denver is going to have an interesting conversation with Peyton Manning soon.

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  47. That'll do it. Osweiler does what Peyton Manning so very rarely did. He beat Brady in big game. A handcuffed Brady, but Brady nonetheless.

  48. Peyton Manning's injuries seem to be worsening, at least in the estimation of the Broncos, with every good throw by Brock Osweiler.

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  51. If Peyton Manning walks in tomorrow and says he's healthy, you tell him he's second string. I don't even think there's a question on this.

  52. Everyone assumes Peyton Manning never has running games, but I argue that he’s part of what bogs them down. Tonight a great example.

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  55. Can you imagine 2015 Peyton Manning in these conditions....I don't think Denver would cross mid field

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  70. So strange seeing Peyton Manning on this list. https://t.co/pi37bMZhnG

  71. Strange to type: Peyton Manning inactive for the #Broncos. Also DeMarcus Ware, Christian Ponder, WR Norwood, TE Gordon