NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing Latest Potential Deals

Kelly Scaletta@@KellyScalettaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing Latest Potential Deals

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    The rumor mill is a little bit dry right now as we move closer to the trade deadline, but there are a few things that are being discussed. We'll take a look at the latest rumors and hottest topics and consider what the future of the teams and players in question might have in store. 

    We'll look at the rumors that could happen and we'll also look at some things that aren't likely to be happening any time soon. 

Did Kobe Bryant Kill the Dwight Howard Deal?

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    It's looking like in "recruiting" Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant might have sold him on never coming according to Real GM. 

    "Bryant told Howard that he wanted him to come to Los Angeles and help him win two more championships, but not as an understudy. He wanted Howard to be the team's third option behind himself and Pau Gasol, according to a source. Bryant tried to sell Howard on being his "Tyson Chandler" and made it clear that Los Angeles would be his, but only once Bryant decided he was done playing."

    Telling Howard he wants him to be "his Tyson Chandler'' is just demeaning to Howard. I can't fathom why Bryant would think that would work. There's a lot of difference between Chandler before he got to Dallas and Howard right now. 

    Chandler was not considered to be a top free agent acquisition and max contract player. It's an insult to Howard to tell him that he can be a Chandler. It would be like Howard telling Kobe he can be his Jason Terry. 

    The general fallout here is to cancel any thought of Howard being  a Laker. 

Chris Kaman off the Trading Block?

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    Chirs Kaman is off the trading block, or at least it appears that he might be, as indicated by the news that he's rejoining the lineup. According to writer Sam Ammick's tweet, "The Hornets have announced that center Chris Kaman, who was inactive while New Orleans attempted to trade him, is rejoining the team."

    That' probably has more than a little to do with Carl Landry being out for four weeks. For the Hornets things go from bad to worse. 

Steve Nash Still Isn't Going Anywhere

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    Steve Nash still hasn't asked to be traded, but if he does, the Suns would accommodate him according to Ken Berger,

    "Despite the Suns' struggles, Steve Nash has yet to express an interest in being traded, league sources said. But the organization will try to accommodate Nash's wishes if the 37-year-old foundation of the franchise decides he'd like a chance to compete for a championship with a contender. "It's really on him in terms of what he wants to do or not do," a person with knowledge of the situation said. Nash, who turns 38 next week, will be an unrestricted free agent July 1."

    I know there are a lot of Knicks fans who would love to see him moved to New York, but between Nash sitting on his stance that he wants to remain with the Suns and the fact that there's no reasonable way to work $11.7 million on their roster, I just don't see this happening. 

Lakers Still Looking at Ramon Sessiosn, Gilbert Arenas

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    The Lakers are looking at Gilbert Arenas, who will be working out with them this week. It could be their decision comes down to Arenas or Ramon Sessiosn, depending on how the work out goes.

    "In addition to inquiring about a trade with Cleveland for Ramon Sessions, the Lakers also had conversations about former All-Star Gilbert Arenas, but sources say team officials are concerned about how much explosiveness Arenas has lost."