Falcons vs Giants: 4 Reasons Giants Should Like Their Chances in Green Bay

Adam OdekirkContributor IIJanuary 8, 2012

Falcons vs Giants: 4 Reasons Giants Should Like Their Chances in Green Bay

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    The New York Giants are again one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL playoffs, thanks to their victory over the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium.

    Bolstered by questionable calls from Atlanta coach Mike Smith, the Giants were able to seize the momentum of the game and dominate the second half on offense as they had on defense the whole game.

    A rematch with the Green Bay Packers now awaits them, but considering where they were four weeks ago, the Giants have to really like their chances.

Hakeem Nicks Is Heated Up

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    It was clear that the New York Giants had found a game-changer in Victor Cruz, but now their No. 1 receiver has got some momentum rolling as well in Hakeem Nicks.

    The more weapons that are playing at a high level for Eli Manning, the more he starts to resemble Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

    Nicks and Cruz can be a destructive force, and will test the Packers secondary who are notorious for giving up yardage.

The Running Game Got Going

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    Perhaps the Giants have Mike Smith to thank for getting their running game going, because it was his decision not to take points that led the Giants to grow their lead and have a chance to pound their running game to salt away the clock.

    It most likely won't be the running game that wins it for the Giants, but the ability to control the clock a little more will limit the possessions that the Packers have and help the Giants try to stay close, or ahead in their game.

The Defense Pitched a Shutout

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    Trying to compare the offense of the Falcons and the Packers is not generally done, but the Falcons were a playoff-caliber offense and one that boasted a lot of weapons.

    It's probably not wise to think that New York will pitch another shut out against Green Bay, but their defensive line is showing the dominance of years past and making up for lack of depth in other positions.

    They have to believe that if they can get after Rodgers and give the ball back to their offense, they will be rewarded.

Eli Manning Is Clutch

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    He proved multiple times throughout the season, and is just waiting for the chance to show his new, polished late-game persona in the playoffs and grow his legend even further.

    Manning is quietly becoming as dangerous with the ball in his hands late, as any marquee quarterback in the game. His attack is bolstered by extremely athletic wide receivers that can turn any catch into a 70-yard touchdown.

    Still, it is Manning's poise in pressure situations that makes the Giants a dangerous matchup for anyone.