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Report: No Effort from Giants to Sign Eli Yet

By Alec Nathan (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

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    Should Giants Extend Eli Before Season?

    by Team Stream Now

    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is in the final year of his contract. Should the Giants extend Manning before the season starts? How valuable is he? Watch as Adam ... Read More »

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    QBs Under the Most Pressure in '15

    by Ian Wharton

    The microscope that NFL quarterbacks play under is more intense than any other position in sports. As the game has evolved to feature more pass-heavy offenses, the emphasis on finding a franchise qu... Read More »

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    Eli, Giants Need Not Rush over Extension

    by Brad Gagnon

    Maybe Eli Manning is being his polite self, or maybe the New York Giants quarterback is smart enough to know that a contract extension this offseason isn't necessarily best for him... Read More »

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    Top Names Entering Contract Seasons

    by Ian Wharton

    As the NFL season nears, there are a few dozen impact players entering the final year of their contracts. Numerous big names have yet to sign an extension, which gives hope to teams wanting to splur... Read More »

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    Breaking Down Giants' QB Depth

    by Patricia Traina

    It’s hard to fathom the scenario, but one day, maybe even sooner than later, quarterback Eli Manning will move on and the Giants will have another man standing behind center trying to move the ... Read More »