Mr. Ford, Give Me a Crack at the Headcoaching Job

Len LosalioContributor IDecember 29, 2008

I wanna' coach the Detroit Lions

First day there I would negotiate to get Colt Brennan as my starting QB and team leader.  Maybe negotiate to get either Todd Collins or Marc Brunell as backup and mentor for Colt. Hopefully get a third QB like Daunte Culpepper. 

Bring back the running game as a double threat with Kevin Smith and draft a running back from college, maybe that kid from Boise State. 

At wide-out, Calvin Johnson is one of the elite receivers and I would like to bring in another good receiver like Michael Crabtree, or negotiate for one like T.J. Houshmandzadeh or Roy Williams and see if we could get Davone Bess from the Dolphins (Colt's old teammate). 

At tight end I would look for an established veteran free agent—two of them. These are the big name stars. 

The O-line, needs to be big and fast. 6'3"-plus, weighing 310-plus, and they need to be quick on their feet, agile, strong, yet have enough balance for leverage. I would try and see what we have in Detroit and if need be shore it up with some vets off the free agent market. 

The D-Line would need to be big and fast as well.  6'3"-plus and weigh at least 260-plus.  They need to be quick off the ball and strong enough to push the offensive line back to collapse the pocket, yet agile enough to swim past the and around the line. Like the O-Line, I would need to see who we have and try and shore it up with free agency.

I would need to study both lines over the offseason and training camp. 

As for Linebackers, I would want an established veteran like Junior Seau to lead this corp.  I would like to get James Laurinaitis and the kid from USC, Rey Maualuga.  I would also like to get Adam Leonard, Solomon Elimimian, and Blaze Soares from Hawaii. 

I really like all these players because of their aggressive styles and hard hitting ability. 

At the corners I would lure D'Angelo Hall and shore up with some good veterans at free agency. 

At the safeties, I would look for two out of the draft, in the mold of Sean Taylor and Laron Landry. 

Special Teams I would want to pickup Darren Sproles run it back and Michael Bush.  I would want to get some heavy hitters as well from free agency for the coverage team.  Kicker and punters...hmmmm, maybe Jason Elam and Durant Brooks.

As coach, I would like to have the team take ownership of the Detroit Lions.  They played pretty hard and very well all season, no matter the outcome.  All they need is some of the aforementioned athletes and something to gel them as a team. 

The team would go back to basics...Running the ball, no fancy-shmansy trick plays, just no frills push the D-Line back and open holes for the running back to run through.

Spread the ball around to the receivers with some play action.  Install some of the spread offense that Colt ran in Hawaii with some slot receivers. Again no wildcat, trick plays, just straight ahead pound the ball up the middle and throw to the hot receivers.

On defense, I would play to our strengths and hopefully that would be speed.  Aggressive 3-4 defense with lots of blitzing linebackers and speed at safeties over the top.  Zone or Man would depend on the opponent. 

The D-Line would need to get the push up the line and disrupt the pocket. I would like to get a couple of D-Linemen that can rush the pass and stop the run.  With Seau, he can diagnose the offense and audible if need be.  Sending our young linebackers on pass blitz or run stop or screen destruction.

Of course this is just talk and dream for what I wish Washington was like.