1. Week 12 Likes (Michael Crabtree!) and Dislikes (Jeremy Maclin) served up from @adamrank https://t.co/upKYfyqIHn https://t.co/nvtZKXnpGp

  2. Michael Crabtree Leads The Oakland Raiders With 11 Targets

  3. Derek Carr, Amari Cooper And Michael Crabtree Should Have Huge Games Against Lions

  4. Michael Crabtree Cools Down Against Minnesota

  5. Derek Carr And Michael Crabtree Poised For Big Games In Week 10

  6. The Titans are raving about Oakland receiver Michael Crabtree, who leads team with 57 catches (for 696 yards)... https://t.co/ndW1ivIaZJ

  7. When @KingCrab15 makes great catches look easy. https://t.co/QIhFRQAhWi

  8. Raiders Crabtree Is Dominant Against The Steelers

  9. Carr Hits Crabtree for 38-Yd TD to Tie Game Late

  10. Video: Crabtree Climbs the Ladder for Sweet TD

  11. Michael Crabtree's catch that wasn't. #Raiders https://t.co/bgUad669dr

  12. Michael Crabtree - Catch or No Catch?

  13. Darius Slay just gave up his first reception in over six quarters -- to Michael Crabtree. #Lions

  14. Crabtree Adapts, Leads and Succeeds

  15. Carr 'Would Love' for Raiders to Sign Crabtree Long Term

  16. Del Rio on Impact of Michael Crabtree

  17. ICYMI: Michael Crabtree has been on fire the last 4 weeks! Watch NFL Fantasy Live NOW on NFL Redzone & @NFLNow https://t.co/oIYXriONqr

  18. Just like he did against Michael Crabtree, Seahawks’ Richard Sherman clearly won Round 1 vs. #49ers Torrey Smith. https://t.co/YCjsqVRBk1

  19. Austin really gushed about Oakland WRs Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.

  20. Stacks on Stacks: Play Carr, Cooper, Crabtree in Week 9

  21. Michael Crabtree Targeted 12 Times Against The Jets

  22. Crabtree 102 Rec Yds and TD

  23. Can We Trust Michael Crabtree in the Fantasy Football Playoffs? https://t.co/vzzgSnkGuG https://t.co/snRZM4AOD0

  24. #Raiders are moving now. 13-yard catch by Michael Crabtree to the 36. Then Latavius Murray won't go down, drags tacklers for 14 yards.

  25. #Raiders WR Michael Crabtree is among the best values in the NFL,says @FieldYates. Read: https://t.co/3lkJgoM26g https://t.co/Y09jD7LgGT

  26. Crabtree Leads The Raiders In Targets

  27. Fantasy Advice for Crabtree After Week 7

  28. Watch: Carr Hits Crabtree for 25-Yard TD

  29. Among Reggie McKenzie's 2015 FA class: Rodney Hudson, Aldon Smith, Dan Williams, Michael Crabtree, and Malcolm Smith.

  30. #Raiders WR Michael Crabtree on 94-1,182-10 pace. Ranks 4th among WRs in missed tackles forced per @PFF. Gets my vote for Comeback POY.

  31. Crabtree Assumes 'Mentor Role' Among Young WRs

  32. Crabtree back in

  33. Michael Crabtree talked about a big performance in another close game: https://t.co/E8Gs1tUc6O https://t.co/1RldebrB7A

  34. Video: Crabtree's Leg Injury Looked Ugly

  35. Crabtree a Great Value, Will Outplay DraftKings Price

  36. Pardon me if I'm slow on the uptake, but with this group of receivers, the 49ers had no need for Michael Crabtree?

  37. Raiders Must Respond; Crabtree — 'Can't Cry Right Now'

  38. Crabtree Takes Shot at QB Colin Kaepernick

  39. Michael Crabtree up, ball security down in Raiders' loss https://t.co/sSDV6pBC50

  40. Comeback kids? Derek Carr finds Michael Crabtree for a 38-yard TD to tie it up in Pittsburgh! #OAKvsPIT https://t.co/90LvNKnfWO

  41. When to Draft Raiders' Receivers in Fantasy Football

  42. Crabtree, Hayden Battle at End of Camp

  43. Michael Crabtree: seven catches for 108 yards. It's his third game over 100 yards this season.

  44. DEREK CARR TO MICHAEL CRABTREE TO TIE THE GAME!! Carr tosses a 38-yard TD pass to knot the score at 35 with 1:15 remaining.

  45. Wowewowowow. Derek Carr over the top to Michael Crabtree for the touchdown to tie the game at 35 all. #Raiders

  46. TOOOUUUUCCCHHDOOWWNNN RAAAAIIIIDDDERRRS. Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree in the clutch. 35-35. 1:15 to play. https://t.co/SuzM6C0LaY

  47. WOW @RAIDERS! Derek Carr's 5th TD pass, 38 yards to Michael Crabtree, ties the game with PIT at 35. (1:15 left 4Q) https://t.co/erVMB1TR7o

  48. Derek Carr had Michael Crabtree open short and went for a well covered Clive Walford. #Raiders

  49. And signing Greg Jennings instead of Michael Crabtree. https://t.co/yeFiq3HMRr

  50. #Raiders trail Steelers 21-14 at the half. Derek Carr 8-17, 86 yards, 2 TD. Latavius Murray 10-72. Michael Crabtree 3-41, TD.

  51. That was a college first down for Michael Crabtree. #Raiders

  52. The @RAIDERS are red hot. Derek Carr is red hot. And Michael Crabtree is climbing ladders for touchdowns. #OAKvsPIT https://t.co/PCSCuVnni7

  53. Michael Crabtree with the leaping grab! Crabtree scores first TD of the day on a 22-yard pass from Derek Carr. Raiders lead Steelers, 7-0.

  54. TOUCHDOWN @RAIDERS. Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree 22 yards for the score. OAK 7 PIT 0 https://t.co/aezemUajsL

  55. Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree. Get on board, people. This offense is legit. #OAKvsPIT

  56. TOOOUUUCCCHHDOOOWNNNN RAAAAIIIDDEEERRRS! Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree for the 22-yard strike! https://t.co/BR1uMpo0UT